The FV GlobeRoamer 2/21/2024 11:13pm

Zerimar Ramirez

And that's how everything started running backwards, so long ago at the end of the era of Forward Thinking. While they may look like delicious candy, consuming Reversochron Crystals has serious side effects, and in this case Little Jimmy Dingles became the Temporal Typhoid Mary responsible for everything that came after. Or, in our case, everything that came before. But if that's the case, then why haven't we already passed back through the moment where Jimmy took his first backwards bites...(READ MORE)

USS Imperative 2/19/2024 11:50pm

Fritzi Zwicki

Making a port of call at sunny Fort Snord. While I've enjoyed being the captain (following the Hyperspatial Mezmo Event Level 9) I can't help but feel a little bit the imposter. The rest of the crew was professional enough not to mention it, but, I'm not really sure if I can hack it! Looking for a way to contact Zephyr Tech and report the Mezmo Event and maybe they'll have some advice to get me out of this. I mean, what even happened to the old captain? Just winked out of existence? I ca...(READ MORE)

The Unfamiliar Cabbage 2/17/2024 12:40pm


I'm getting the first job I see: moving food. Looks simple. I'll start with this....(READ MORE)

Minecraft is the best 2/14/2024 11:57pm

Roberto Shelton

Puppy Grande had a plan. "And a map!" she said. It was one of the tourist maps from the Goggles Desert Coffee Shack Aerodrome and Emporium. With Faulkton, Henderson, Wuppertal, Miyazaki, Lyubertsy, Aastaurmond, Chauxhall, and Pastoria City all... subsumed... do to lack of functioning reality generators, where to begin? They might not have been the most glamorous cities, but they were a backbone of the reality network. The desert beneath us gave way to greener pastures, and...(READ MORE)

WonderFly9000 2/12/2024 10:24pm


What? You said your guys were tough? (muffled meows) You knew he was headed to Underland. You didn't share that with your muscle? (muffled meows) Well you're going to lose him unless somebody follows him in. I've given you everything you needed. It's not on me if this doesn't pan out. (muffled meows) I said don't worry about Patsy. She knows what's good for her....(READ MORE)

Microwave Explosion 2/10/2024 11:56pm

Larry Fantasio

The Queen had been at the salad bar for a long time. "That's quite a salad she must be building," I said. Black Herminone cackled from inside my bag. "Well maybe we best go check on her," she said. I hiked the big purse over my shoulder and gave the waiter a nod just to let her know I wasn't planning on dining and dashing. She didn't look like she'd care either way. "Salad bar?" I asked. "No thank you," said the waiter. I followed the sig...(READ MORE)

The Flying Comrade 2/8/2024 11:16pm

Ben Tater

"No cheese fries are worth that," I told the Parsnip. We got to the event horizon just as the kid was returning the the food. And it was still hot. Cameras went off and reporters shouted questions. I was watching from the passenger seat of the Parsnip, parked in the parking lot. "Best it the Tri-Cities!" said the Parsnip. "But seriously, if you'll remember, it's our mission to find the little green man. And this type of anomaly certainly fits his M.O. That's why I...(READ MORE)

the merchant's coop 2/6/2024 9:46am


first day of the coop's voyage, we have a job to move a cursed cat statue to an auction being held far far away, we load it onto the ship with minor difficulties as it is quite heavy, and we set off for the ancient meef castle, we had very few difficulties and successfully completed our course, we are now ready for another job and are glad our first day went so well....(READ MORE)

The Useless Precaution 2/4/2024 11:11pm

Count Almaviva

"Le Reptile! Serpente! Strisci sulla fiancata della nave in quel modo! Ritorna, vipera inaffidabile!" Sapevo che Le Reptile era solo un buon amico. Ma era il mio modo di parlare con lui. Tuttavia, non è tornato. L'ho sentito farsi strada attraverso la volta della foresta, e poi, suppongo, giù per i possenti tronchi fino al suolo della foresta sottostante. "Se ritorna con fili abbastanza forti da sigillare la culatta, allora posso cucire il buco", ha detto Minerva DePl...(READ MORE)

Nixxi 2/2/2024 11:16pm


I spotted the floating docks of Clowntown first. "I woulda spotted 'em first, but the sun was in my eyes! Tee hee hee!" burbled the button. The docks were lit up in the sunset, poking up over the horizon. As we got closer we could see the giant, brightly colored balloons that held them up. "Wow, what if you tied me to one of those balloons and let me go. Think how much I could see!" "We wouldn't have to tie you to a balloon," I said. "I used to fly...(READ MORE)

HMS Dunwall 1/30/2024 8:13pm


This present year 1453, her Highness Queen Abigail called upon me to deliver a cargo of utmost importance. She placed with her cargo a guard of 20 men, all armed. I know not the contents of the massive crate her Highness bestowed upon me, nor what this journey entails, but I pray to the Lord that we shall not encounter any difficulties on our voyage....(READ MORE)

bonerabbit 1/28/2024 11:28am


entry one - claimed a job. we’ll see....(READ MORE)

Liberate Tuteme 1/27/2024 10:34pm

Waylon MacCaa

Communication with the Zaratan is done via the ornately crafted Helmet of Tho'rrn, which sits in a sacristy behind the great turtle's supraoccipital bone. The helm serves as an amplifier and scoop for the creature's passing thoughts. "Here comes another one... OOOOOOOF!" Petty officer LeeAnn was out for the count. Lasted longer than warrant officer Warren, but still didn't take the prize. One of our crew has to have what it takes to break this great beast. Take it into telepathic...(READ MORE)

Albion 1/25/2024 10:34pm

Adam Sol

Florence Twofoot's blueprints were disturbing. The kind of thing passed around at criminal science parties while inhaling noxious fumes. Not that I would know anything about that. They went against every grain of our instruction, our oath. The kind of thing confiscated by the Oracular. "You drew these? Yourself?" I asked. Florence had seen the same kinds of drawings I had, at one time or another. The kind of thing you didn't talk about. And she a doctor. "Do you see anot...(READ MORE)

DENZIRO IX 1/23/2024 9:59am


Picked up a new job, can't wait to start... I hope it's enough for my living....(READ MORE)

Exordium & Terminus 1/21/2024 8:49am


I accept the job offered......(READ MORE)

Denali XV 1/19/2024 11:51pm

Loretta Max

I took a job delivering for Zephyr Air Transport because I liked the idea of being my own boss, and I needed an additional income stream to help with the upkeep of my airship....(READ MORE)

Invictus 1/17/2024 11:16pm

Nathan Hill

"Sometimes it's better if we don't try to explain it, sir," Marta said to the captain. "Oh, nonsense," said the captain. "Have some respect for a fellow airship captain! And his stalwart crew. Welcome aboard, captain!" This ship's captain stepped towards me and stuck out his hand. It swayed in front of me like a giant log. My wooziness increased. "Perhaps don't get too close, sir," Marta said. "Ah, yes, I remember. The twins, right?"...(READ MORE)

Thot Slayer 1/15/2024 11:56pm


"So, uh... you girls like ice cream?" I'd found a washcloth and was dabbing at the ice cream on their pinafores, and gloves. "WE JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH," they said, in unison. Creepy. I don't know how they had made this big a mess in such a short time. They managed to not only create a mountain of soft serve surrounding the machine, but had sprayed it over the entirety of the canteen. "WE MADE A PATH. SEE?" And there, laid out on the white of the soft...(READ MORE)

Berrysoul 1/13/2024 11:44pm

Tina Marie

"And, dear Sistern, will you bless my daughter Dinah's giants?" "Well of course child. We can pass our blessings onto giants. Does she haver them with her?" "Yes, They are harnessed. Under her coat." "Oh those days of having to hide your giants in church are long gone, child. Call your daughter Dinah unto us." "Dinah! Dinah come here!" "Yes mother." "Dinah show him your giants." "Aw, mom. Really?"...(READ MORE)

Murder of Crows 1/11/2024 11:08pm

Bethel Ways

"Hey! What are those? Nuts? Gimme some!" "You can have the rest. I'm done," I said. "Wow thanks. Haven't had nuts like these sense before I came here. Not allowed, you know." "Yeah I snuck them in with with me. Somehow they don't taste the same." "That's the Sugar Pine magic working its way into you already. Starts with the tongue." "Well, I can't get kicked out on my first day. What a disappointment I'd be." "Peo...(READ MORE)

Maryellen-Carter 1/9/2024 11:30pm

Bug Sinodendro

Has it been three days already? MY how time flies when you're chronically exposed to aggressive metamorphic pheromones, turning you into mindless slaves of the She-Beast! That's what they call her, down here in the trenches, and with these new giant mandibles I've grown out of my face I'm great at digging trenches. Seems like She's preparing for some kind of, I dunno, military action or invasion or maybe just a visit from some distant cousins she doesn't like. Super Lee, my room mate, was assign...(READ MORE)

Apollo 1/7/2024 10:24pm

Budgie Pete

Well I've got the President eating out of my hand. All it took was a little cozying up to his daughters, rolling my eyes and playing around with that "wanna cracker" stuff. Well, I do like crackers, so that was a perk. But the daughters -- Emma and Isabell -- have taken me into their confidence, and they are just one whisper away from the president's ear... Which I how I've landed the job of Transportation Secretary. For now it's only for the Sector 7 Containment Control facility, b...(READ MORE)

The Celestial Voyager 1/5/2024 11:52pm

Crystal McBride

"And how long have you been hearing this ringing sound?" "Ever since the accident. So, I guess about three weeks?" "Does the ringing occur in just one ear?" "No, both. And it's not really a 'ringing.' It's more like a... scratchy, cracky noise." "Is it continuous? Or intermittent?" "Definitely continuous. I go to sleep hearing it, I wake up hearing it. I'm surprised I'm able to go to sleep. I think I must just block it out. Bu...(READ MORE)

Araceli 1/3/2024 10:58pm

Great Mama Two-hands

The Pie Gobbler became a Pieface. People would walk by his place and see him haunting in the windows and say "Who is that Pieface?" and "Did the moon come out tonight as a peanut butter pie?" and "He is missing a piece, that Pieface." The Pie Gobbler was too hungry to hear them. He always had his mind on the next slice. But he could get no pies delivered, because the pie delivery drivers were too frightened of his scary old house. And he was too scared to leave h...(READ MORE)

Sphinx Nerif 1/1/2024 9:30pm

Megan Virago

DEAR CLIENT: Still having a little bit of trouble finding the Laen. On the way we ran into another settlement -- the City of Birds. It was the flocks of birds that brought us here--great swarms crossing the sky and converging at a massive city in the plains. Towering skyscrapers with birds flitting in and out, but on the ground, great stately birds--crows, woodpeckers, and thrush--walking and hopping down the sidewalks and into and out of stores. Naturally, they took great interest in the...(READ MORE)

E.L. Spence 12/30/2023 8:46pm

Frenz Friddlez

Our spots have EXPLODED across the Outer Rim -- and it's all due to Captain @Jerico Soberanis of the E.L. Spence, spreading the dots to the people far and wide! Captain Soberanis, can you fill up with more boxes o' pox at your earliest convenience? Coordinates of the nearest node in our up and coming distribution network are being transmitted your way now. As a preferred distributor, bonuses may apply! GET IN TOUCH TODAY...(READ MORE)

U.S.S. Lilybug 12/28/2023 12:31pm


Claimed...(READ MORE)

The Mephitis 12/27/2023 11:55pm

Engineer Bernard

"Heading, Captain?" I ask. @Captain Pirate IX looks lost in thought. As he does more and more these days. Chalk it up to his enigmatic charm. We'd just dropped out of the wave and were coming in over the long curve of a shoreline. There was a mildly tropical forest of palms just beyond. The Captain stretches. "Well, I suppose it's time to meet our destiny," he says. It's one of this signature lines. "To the pyramid." "Aye aye, to the pyramid, Captain!&...(READ MORE)

The Revelation 12/25/2023 10:46pm

Phoenix Quinn

"The sun does seem to be going down, " Campbell said. It was true. The sun was now setting at our backs, and palm tree forest was getting darker. "And if we head back the way we came, I'll bet we'd see the sun start to rise again," said Camy. "I suspect we'll see it rise if we keep walking this way long enough," Campbell said. "So a sphere that's tidally locked!" Campbell was making my head hurt. "Keep your drone up above the trees,"...(READ MORE)

The Crystal Skull 12/23/2023 10:15am


The walls of this closet are covered in scratches denoting the days I have been stuck hiding from whatever is outside. The zombies were not my expectation when I accepted that dreadful delivery. My ship must be in shambles by now, and I still hear movement from outside the boarded-up door. I just ran out of space to count the days, and my food stores are running low. Soon I'll have to make a break for it, and I don't know if I can....(READ MORE)

The Eolas Anatolijus 12/21/2023 11:48pm

Julie Cairo, Esq.

"No touch! You no touch!" The Grub People did not like to be touched. They could handle touching sand, rock, and each other. But they were sticky to human flesh. "No touch! It's ok!" I held up all my fingers. Then I slid over the big tuber to the far side of the tuber cart. It was nice enough for them to let me ride their tuber cart caravan in what they assured me was the direction of a range fort. They were happy to get me out of their tunnels and out of their way as s...(READ MORE)

Eyes Without A Face 12/19/2023 11:56pm

Ensign Charmers

“Awww, what a cute little Peckerel," said the shopkeeper, scratching @Claira's little five-legged creature right between its three little horns. "You folks don't look like you're from the Leeward Reaches." "Weeeekweeekweekweekweek." Claira's creature was almost purring. "Oh, uh, no sir. We're from the far side of the Drain." The shopkeeper looked startled, then took his off his spectacles and rubbed the lenses with his apron. "Well then,&...(READ MORE)

Egregore 12/17/2023 10:49pm

Rose Nomenclature

I'd taken @Madam Zita's advice and limited my time with her crystal ball to just a few minutes a day. "No nosebleeds is good nosebleeds!" she kept saying. "Or from the ear, then something to fear." But it's not like I wanted to spend a lot of time in Ocular Space. Really, just enough to keep track of the Matte Kudasi and its ridiculous captain @Billy Sabab. I wasn't sure he'd made contact with along the way, but he sure seemed to know where he was headed now -- making a...(READ MORE)

The Imaginary Potato 12/12/2023 8:49pm


I like potatoes. Do I potatoes?...(READ MORE)

SMILEYS BASEMENT 12/10/2023 7:13pm


Don’t be frightened @Boss Moss! It’s just me, Snorkledorf, playing my HUGE trumpet-like proboscis, a level of music you obviously can not appreciate. I’ll keep playing till I find someone with better taste....(READ MORE)

e 12/8/2023 12:47pm


Accepted transfer...(READ MORE)

The Metataxi 12/6/2023 11:08pm

Rita Pearl

I wear the Cloak of Knowledge, and hold the Scepter of Vision. Behold my brilliance! And I see all from my throne atop the sacred mountain. Belphang! Perlatz! My Hounds of Wisdom! Fly now to the reaches of my kingdom and show me where my light does not yet shine....(READ MORE)

Government housing 12/4/2023 11:36am

Government housing

I take the job HEHEHE...(READ MORE)

ol' big balloon 12/3/2023 9:43pm

Capt. Frank Clarence

"No not like that!" hollered Herbert Alamak over the roar of rovers. He'd come out of his geodesic hovel and was making his way through the chocolate dust, waving his arms. "You're bound to destroy half the planet! Or worse!" Seemed like ol' Herb was in the mood to talk. I called the kids on the walkie and had them take a break. "You don't know what you're dealing with here," said Herb, shaking his head. "There's a reason I've set my camp out this far fro...(READ MORE)

SS Evergreen 12/1/2023 11:35pm


Wow those worms really are something! They must like the tropics because not long after we came to ground they got real restless and busted clean out of the hold and onto the beach and made for the jungle. Gonna take me an age to get the hull shored up on account of the big hole they put in it. And me a mechanical engineer! But I guess I can patch a big hole in a hull. I suspect that's the last we've seen of those worms. Good riddance, I say! Taking my beach time away like this....(READ MORE)

Razorcrest 11/29/2023 11:56pm


ok maybe there is something true about what they say about extended exposure to disco disco brite my light photoimplosic meta trance definition processing equipment and oodles and oodles of bundles of honey bundles but my dreams have been getting pretty weird. part of it is we're on one of those extended runs where the crew's in stasis and nik, rik, chik, humboldt and darlene and I have the ship to ourselves but everybody needed sleep so we've all just been crashed out in the honey bundle wrappe...(READ MORE)

404 not found 11/27/2023 2:43pm


the crez hqs unfortunqtley been cursed to groz ,ustqches qfter the che,icqls got ,ixed qound: unfortuqnley ,y keyboqrd is still cursed; so nobody cqn reqd this:...(READ MORE)

Zap Colonize Epilog 11/25/2023 11:57pm

Willow and Birch

Tara's song was coming through pure and clear on the Chomon crystal. "Willow?" "Birch?" "Triangulate!" we say at the same time, doing our secret fist bump incantation. "33 degrees north" "67 degrees east" "Distance.... distance... distance..." Birch's eyes roll back in her head. She's always the one more likely to take it too far. Her fingers tremble on the planchette but it moves smoothly across the map before co...(READ MORE)

The Sadie Hawkins 11/23/2023 10:22pm

Armando Lupiz

Soon the goon squad moved on, searching the seemingly endless rooms of the library. But even if I made it back to the room I'd started in, the one that contained that luminous scarf that had somehow transported me to this library of the future, what then? I'd assumed if I'd touch the scarf again I might end up back in the tailor's shop--who would absolutely have an armed welcoming committee waiting for me. Was that the only way back? To give myself up to this mysterious group who'd kidnapped the...(READ MORE)

Toxic Shipping #4583 11/21/2023 11:29pm

Crystal Skiff

Dear Dillon Cone, We were thrilled to receive the photos of "Little Matty" and are so glad he seems to be thriving with you. Who knew he enjoyed performing so much? I would have expected his little body who have grown out more and caught up with his head. Make sure he drinks plenty of milk and those supplements we keep sending. As for those strange hand signals he seems to be flashing in the photos -- no idea! Is it perhaps a scout sign? Unrelatedly, we continue to receive cra...(READ MORE)

Steampunk to hell 11/19/2023 11:59pm

Luz Dunkel

If you've never been on top of an airship in flight, then you should know it's a scary thing. For one, you should always have a safety tether. And even when you do, it's still very unnerving, sitting on top of a great taunt gas balloon, curving away in all directions below you, smooth and slippery and gray with nothing to hold onto, nothing to help prevent you from slipping away over the side and falling, hundreds of feet above the surface of the earth. I can say this now, as this all happ...(READ MORE)

Matte Kudasai 11/17/2023 10:32pm

Billy Sabab

"Glad to have you back, Captain," Shipman Eva said, wearing her gas mask. "The wind shifted while you were away, and we've been enveloped by the Bertha's gas almost the entire time. Can we get out of here now?" The inside of the ship smelled terrible. "Yes, and we've got a destination. Let's get to the bridge and plot a course." I could sense Shipman Eva's eyeroll even under her mask. More ridiculous orders with no explanation. I mean, it was my ship, I cou...(READ MORE)

agro 11/15/2023 11:53pm

Mr. Grape

"Order!!! This meeting will come to order. Ms. Lemon, get your cadre under control!" "You heard the man, Lemonheads! Quiet down!" "Yes, ahem, so." Mr. Grape cleared his throat. "Yet another sector of the Outer Reach has been tamed, and is now under control of the Sentient Slime Network." "Hear hear!" "Motions to change the name Sentient Slime Network to Sentient Slime Empire have been rejected once again, due to the word 'empire'...(READ MORE)

SS. Simpson 11/13/2023 2:04pm

Dies Vitae

I hired 6 crew members, and the wild rock has eaten them all! Ships, please help! We are stranded at Bubblegum Island, full of deadly bunnies who will stop at nothing to eat you, quicksand/bubblegum, and a giant Bubblegum volcano that is due to erupt any minute now!...(READ MORE)

No Questions Asked 11/11/2023 11:52pm

S. Glenn

The new safehouse is a bit odd. Mid-century orbital living structure with a posh address in the inner Outer Rim --ㄣᄅㄥ6Ɛㄣᄅ, 8ގㄥގ60ㄣ0ㄣ. It's got a hi-fi and sisal carpet and floor to ceiling windows, but something about it is a bit off. Nice place like this and then skimp on the furniture? What a shame. Former owner couldn't wait to get it off her hands. Some people have no taste. In any case, it will suit our needs just fine. And a knockout view of the Wandering Moons to boo...(READ MORE)

base 1 11/9/2023 10:55pm

Mickey Fine

"Monsieur Fine?" the waiter asked. How did he know my name? "I have this package for you, to be delivered to this table, at this time, on this date." He handed over a narrow rectangular box. neatly wrapped in white paper and string. It was a little heavy. A watch? I looked around. No one was looking at me. I checked for people across the street, perhaps watching me in the reflections of the storefront windows. No one seemed to be paying me the slightest bit of atten...(READ MORE)

The Hartlepool 11/7/2023 10:01pm

Guy Reese

Guy Reese -- Cybernetic War Monkey Wrangler I charge 3500 a day and no questions asked. How I wrangle the war monkeys is nobody's business. I'm just here to get the job done. You better scoot on out of here and find some place safe. And no videos or photography allowed....(READ MORE)

Stratospheric Aerodrome Renoire 11/5/2023 11:08pm

Zephyr Ambulance LTD

"Docking secured, mam," "Fine technique, Ensign-intern Roberts. Also on the piloting, Surgical Tech Ronson. Catching up with this runaway aerodrome was no easy feat." "Thank you mam," Ronson answered. She appeared to be still in awe of if herself. It really was a fine piece of work, basically lobbing the LTD at the aerodrome as hard as we could--a target that was in motion itself--followed by a pinpoint docking on a jetway port. Now we were snugly secured, it...(READ MORE)

Zeppelin Zoologica 11/3/2023 11:56pm

Didel Fidae

THE IMPOSSIMEN! Starring: Didel Fidae With: Grinni Anapus Marmie Jaws Special guest: Prehen Tailium PREVIOUSLY ON THE IMPOSSIMEN: CUSTOMS CLERK: I'm sorry madam, but your papers are not in order... MARMIE: Oh, perhaps what I have here in my breast pocket? CUSTOMERS CLERK: Yes? MARMIE: Brass knuckles! *POW* DIDEL: Can't this thing go any faster, Grinni? GRINNI: Not if you want to stay on this road! EVERYBODY: Whooooaaaaaaa!! *CRASH* PREHEN: Qu...(READ MORE)

Spatuloso 11/1/2023 11:56pm

Auto Slops

"Who's there?" I called. "Show yourself!" The ruins of the town were still smoldering. Wisps of smoke drifted in the noonday sun. "I AM showing myself!" the tiny voice called back. Over here!" My eyes adjusted and I saw a tiny person no bigger than the head of a shovel, standing next to a bucket, dressed in a tiny uniform and throwing handfuls of sand into the air....(READ MORE)

Moonbeam 10/30/2023 11:20pm

Spaz Skunk

"How could we have lost him? This island's really not that big," I asked Harry. "Well, he's, half bulldog. Like a were-bulldog. Bulldogs are like bloodhounds, right?" "No, I don't think so. Actually some of the worst smellers, I've heard. Something about those flat noses." "Well he smelled something. He got really focused on it. We could have used him getting the casks filled and loaded by I haven't seen him." "What if he fell off a cliff?...(READ MORE)

The Redmane 10/28/2023 11:58pm

Kendall Warren

"The kidney!" I cried. "OooooooOOOOOooooooOOOO!!!" bellowed the reindeer. We were all floating in the air above the The Altar of the Rainbow at the Endeth of the World, apparently falling up, all of us flailing and struggling, trying to swim and kick to no avail. "OooooooOOOOOooooooOOOO!!!" bellowed the reindeer again, just as helpless as the rest of us. The navigator attempted to kick off, using my head as a backstop. This did give him enough force to...(READ MORE)

The Nimble Shroud 10/26/2023 11:10pm

Lt. Denkt

“Well, we can’t eat ‘em,” said Khlebnikov. Dranitsyn looked at Khlebnikov, horrified. “We most certainly can not,” I said. What infernal powers were awake on this island? What could have transformed the crew of The Nimble Shroud into a herd of goats? And was likely the source of the permanent ghostlike chill on the ship itself. And what defense could we have against it? “Pack up your things,” I said. We’re heading back to the ship.”...(READ MORE)

mondgilde 10/17/2023 11:40am



the Omega project 8/1/2023 9:54pm


What is it like to be a pinstripe and lose your stripes? To be a jacket, deconstructed? What lies within, indeed? Mrs. Krause was kind as she clipped away the remnants and tatters of my old life. How did we finally locate The Great Dry Cleaners? How did we even make it from @smiley's warehouse to this fortunate ship? It's all a blur of traveling jacket hibernation and trans-pattern drift, aided perhaps by the consciousness expanding powers of nano-flavonids. If only @Houndstooth were here...(READ MORE)

spes 6/7/2023 3:07am



Zephyrus 5/27/2023 11:12am


Hi, I have two people available to get these gears for you. Would that be enough? Precautions are a good thing to take....(READ MORE)

USA 4/14/2023 10:24am


I picked up the specified object and dropped it off at the following location: 46°14′06″N 06°02′42″E, 2010...(READ MORE)

smiley's warehouse 2/12/2023 10:10pm


At @Seersucker's request, I went in search of a janitorial station, looking for stain remover. After having no luck in a certain broom and mop closet I noticed one of the ceiling tiles ajar and decided to poke my (borrowed) head in to take a look. Naturally it was quite dark and I couldn't see anything but hints of a framework of metal supports, extending into the darkness like a wild jungle gym at night. But the breeze was fresh and there was a sense of space and openness, and I began to climb....(READ MORE)

SS.youhaveashrimpy 2/6/2023 2:37pm


russia...(READ MORE)

Trade Federation 1/30/2023 9:18am


yes...(READ MORE)

hindenburg 12/14/2022 10:26am

John doe

We set sail for america!...(READ MORE)

Battle Sub 10/11/2022 11:28am


day one lets see how this goes...(READ MORE)

-.-. --- .-. .--. --- .-. .- - .. --- -. ... / -.. 8/26/2022 8:40am


This is my first job & I screw this up it's 'cause I did NOT get ANY training. Also yea, I accept it....(READ MORE)

Deadman's Last Ride 6/8/2022 6:15pm


lost... again... who would have guessed it... we need a job, and one soon... we'll take anything at this point... crew's getting restless and annoyed... this is an... odd... situation......(READ MORE)

The Atlantic Sway 5/15/2022 11:04pm

Dr. Erwin Strand

Subject W114b** Breakthrough Intelligence Sequence Investigation  The aquatic mammal registered as @Northern Right Whale has consistently shown ULTRA MK level mastery of an increasingly sophisticated semiotic result chain and implementations. Graduation to operation Mama Goose has been approved.  The first airship specially scaled for large Earth whales has recently been completed. It is large enough to support a crew of 12 large Earth whales in its aquatic habitat. This “aquarium of...(READ MORE)

Matte Kudasai in a tragically Sad America 5/13/2022 1:04pm


’Ello Maytee! I think I moight be able to help ye with the job, provided I shall be provided with coinage. As you can see, me sweet lady ship goes all the wae from the New World to the easter asian islands, and Me just so happens to be stationed about lil ol Koloszvar. The eye contact thengye won’t pose a roblem, as I robbed meself of sight in order to look kool while rocking the double eye patches. Anywaes, If ye wanna contact me, ye shall send a pigeon up in the sky, with a message and...(READ MORE)

S S Rosemary 5/12/2022 9:20am

Captain M Wood

Fellow Transporters! We at the S S Rosemary are officially taking our first job! We will be delivering black holes in canning jars for our client Chyppe Sol. Our port will be Tamkar-7 in Andromeda, which is a bit out of the way, so we understand if no-one wants to meet us there. Despite the assurances of the job posting, we will be spending a day black hole proofing our ship and ourselves, and we should be able to deliver in 2 earth days. SIgning off Capt M Wood...(READ MORE)

Non Sum Qualis Eram 5/1/2022 11:29pm

Asphodel Meadows

Dear Captain, I am leaving this note pinned to the hatch of the Non Sum Qualis Eram in hopes that you and your crew will discover it upon returning from lunch. I find the canteen at this particular aerodrome to be exceptional, as you no doubt discovered if you ordered their speciality -- grilled cheese and tomato soup! Even if you are not a tomato soup fan I believe you will find it utterly irresistible. I frequently come to this particular aerodrome to judge the measure of the various sh...(READ MORE)

Wait what do I put here? 2/26/2022 2:06am

Shelale M.

Im just an amateur, please be nice to me captain TvT...(READ MORE)

Voyager 7/9/2021 4:49pm


hi...(READ MORE)

sus 6/16/2021 1:51pm


sus among us best yes beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeep rubux robux robux yes yes ye s yeysss death...(READ MORE)

Golden Stone 3/15/2021 7:26pm

Dirac Fermion

Hey has anybody seen my antiparticle? And let me give you a hint it's not my sister Majorana. Anybody can tell she's her OWN antiparticle. She thinks everything is always about her. She's so high energy. AND maintenance. It's ME who has to worry about my antiparticle showing up at any minute, poofing me out of existence. It's why I stowed away here on the Golden Stone. My antiparticle would NEVER think of looking for me h-----...(READ MORE)

Fart Squad 1/7/2021 5:51pm


i fart, it stink, ow stinky hlep.,...(READ MORE)

04 12/14/2020 8:54pm

Officer Fresno

Hullo? tap tap tap Anybody home? Sorry I'm late. There was a paperwork mixup down at the station. Anyway, we had a report of some suspicious activity so we're just following up. Anybody? tap tap tap...(READ MORE)

St. Ableberry 11/22/2020 2:30pm

Pantha Abelberry

It's no problem! I can speak draconic, so the dragons will probably understand! I'll get right to it!...(READ MORE)

Battle Bus 11/18/2020 10:53pm

Pomme Contrebandier

C'est ainsi qu'a commencé notre plus belle vie à l'âge de pierre de l'univers 4A. J'ai trouvé que mon partenaire commercial était un homme changé. L'air frais et l'exercice lui ont fait du bien, sans parler du soleil, que sa peau blanche et pâteuse avait rarement ou jamais vue auparavant. Cela, associé au pain surnaturellement nutritif de l'âge de pierre de l'univers 4A, a donné à mon partenaire autrefois paresseux et obséquieux une nouvelle résilience. Maintenant qu'il a part...(READ MORE)

USS Enterprise 11/16/2020 11:04am

Captain Squirrel Esq

Land, ho! And a yo-ho-ho to you, which is just one yo- away form Santa, with all the Jollyness it brings! We are hereby most honoured to undertake this brave venture, and hand over these here Ancient Shortbreads even more Ancient to the recipient, in five years time! It shall certainly add to the value of the vintage. In the meantime, we shall boldly skedaddle, where no man has skedaddled off to before!...(READ MORE)

Gamer 11/3/2020 9:34am


This job be so fine...(READ MORE)

jdfalf 10/26/2020 3:33am


fff...(READ MORE)

The Warrior13 9/30/2020 12:26pm

Luna R. W.

9/30/2020 I'm so happy to take this job I hope nothing blows up like last time!...(READ MORE)

The Mad-lad Potato 8/14/2020 10:52pm

Roberto Shelton, Jr.

Reality Generation Newsletter -- August Edition Thanks to @Captain Alea Downton and her top-notch crew of singing lasses of the air, reality generation devices were successfully deployed in the Faulkton, Henderson, Wuppertal, Miyazaki, Lyubertsy, Aastaurmond, Chauxhall, and Pastoria City areas. This created the the additional "ooomph" necessary to straighten out the kinks in the Great Trunk, and should keep things running smoothly in this generated reality for some time to come (or...(READ MORE)

Skyside 4/21/2020 3:26pm


ill take the job, but only if you kill them too...(READ MORE)

Dragon's Tooth 12/22/2019 11:11pm

Clammy Hamsphere

I've been having trouble convincing my brothers three to get together to watch the new Mermaid Imperium. Back during the hard times, that show really brought us together. But now that we're all rich as kings it's like we've lost what's really important between us. We might all have housekeepers and AI powered bidets, but we've traded it for our humanity. I'm having trouble finding that station again anyway. Can't remember which of the 7,218,198 channels it was. It was some kind of public acc...(READ MORE)

The Rapture 12/1/2019 10:43am


The Rapture left the continent of North America from Patrick’s AFB from Brevard County, Florida, USA, on Sunday, December 1st, 2019 at 1:27 PM EST. At 1:30 PM, several miles off shore, The Rapture activated an experimental device created by Terrazian Futuristics, called “THE WORLD,” causing Earth to appear to slow to almost a complete stop. In reality, The Rapture is going at extreme speeds. The Rapture exited “THE WORLD” at 1:32 PM EST off the coast of Guinea. The airship continued...(READ MORE)

Conquest 10/23/2018 11:57pm


Might be something with the transmission, but somethings going wrong. I don't think anything is getting through. If it is, I really need that job done, but it isn't showing up. I don't think the managers know that I'm kinda stuck. well, help if you can....(READ MORE)

Atlas 10/11/2018 11:39pm

Alex Marleybone

The Resurfacing has been accomplished with hardly a dent to the army. The Desert Arachni were admittedly reluctant to face defeat, and some good men had been lost to the gracious cause. Their deaths were not in vain, however. The breach into the ancient surface had been successful, despite the sacrifice of some beautiful ruins. When witnessing such destruction had reminded me of the previous memories of attending expeditions with my old crew mates, and how we planned months to reach here. Since...(READ MORE)

Ventura 7/23/2018 8:47pm

Olivia Diaz

It's so satisfying to have one's theories proven true. If only there was some way to share it with the people back home! And by home, of course, I mean Earth. We were prepared for this, and had been transmitting data back to HQ up till the very last minute. No doubt the last of it got a bit garbled in some interesting ways, but hopefully they'll find something useful in it. But the fact remains that our theories about the Brane were correct--that by reuniting it with its entangled partn...(READ MORE)

The Savage 5/31/2018 3:20pm

captain ryan

My ship is a savage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...(READ MORE)

The Knight Snug 4/29/2018 5:26pm



The Holy Bibbizle 4/29/2018 2:32am

Grape Man Jones

God bless The Holy Bibbizle...(READ MORE)

Coney Island Baby 2/5/2018 8:10pm

Lou Grass

Welcome Aboard!...(READ MORE)

Claudette 2/3/2018 11:18pm

Melinda Artaud

Silver Springs Capital Management was thrilled to have our oversupply of R's, S's, and T's removed from circulation from Orbis Eruditi, but our books show that we still owe the Claudette for the removal. Our attempts at remittance to your Accounts Receivable have gone unanswered. Is there another way we should be paying you? We have 75 capital vowels of various denominations still awaiting your acceptance on our docks, and are ready to send them to any accredited grapheme logography of your choo...(READ MORE)

Viola Ventura 1/30/2018 1:28pm

Little Bo Johnson

Here at Viola Ventura we're capable of removing any kind of wreckage from any kind of place. Our ship is currently being refueled for the trip. We will arrive in 20 to 30 hours....(READ MORE)

USS Bizzle 1/25/2018 8:54am

Ronald Baldwin

Bizzle is here to run ish...(READ MORE)

Alis Gloriae 1/25/2018 4:53am


Captain's Log: 1/25/18 Currently on our way to Oslo to receive repairs. All cargo-workers involved in the sandwich incident have been sacked. Have sent an official apology out. Veedle...(READ MORE)

Shining Machine 1/24/2018 8:18pm

Ricky VII

- .... .- -. -.- / -.-- --- ..- / ... --- / -- ..- -.-. .... / ..-. --- .-. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / .... . .-.. .--. / .-. --- -... --- - / ..-. .- -.-. . / ... - --- .--. / - .... . .-. . / .. ... / -. --- / .-. . .- ... --- -. / - --- / ..-. .-.. -.-- / ..-. --- .-. . ...- . .-. / -.-- --- ..- / ... .. .-.. .-.. -.-- / .-. --- -... --- - / ..-. .- -.-. . / ... - --- .--. / --- .... / ... - --- .--. / - .... . / -- --- ..- -. - .- .. -. ... / .- .-. . / .--- ..- ... - / ... --- / ...- . .-. -.-- /...(READ MORE)

The Chiron 1/22/2018 5:41am

Wind Ghosts

22/01 - Delivery successful, no major incidents to report. Cargo has been taken off ship by handlers. On our way back to home base...(READ MORE)

Nemesis 1/20/2018 2:47pm


This cat is wanted dead or alive, so that's how I'll deliver it!...(READ MORE)

Steel Aurora 1/19/2018 10:34am


the north koreans are getting a little upsetti at the lack of confetti i would have gotten the fuel by now but im duct taped to the bow........(READ MORE)

Night Pigeon 1/15/2018 5:09am

Dvorak Iahdl

Just accepted a job so I guess I’m taking flight....(READ MORE)

The Flying Captain 1/14/2018 6:23am


Free confetti...(READ MORE)

Solstice 1/12/2018 12:38am


Finally loaded and leaving Thailand. The Solstice will be headed to New York where we have the most peculiar drop off instructions. Under any dumpster. What on earth could the buyer be doing that he has the free time to check under every dumpster in New York City. But who am I to argue?...(READ MORE)

Der Puce Wal 1/11/2018 3:10am

DeMarcus J. Tyree II

Der Puce Wal ist betriebsbereit und bessere Tage liegen vor uns! Capt. D.J Tyree II is ready and willing to transport any and all gadgets, thingamajigs, doodads, whatsits, and gizmos no matter how dangerous or bizarrely worded. However, under NO circumstance will the honorable captain be liable to transport gubbins or ROUS....(READ MORE)