Eyes Without A Face 10/22/2019 10:34pm

Aeon Lore

The Planet of the Many-colored Grass is an eden--the most tranquil oasis of beauty in all the Murksea. Tucked away in a gravity well in an eddy near Heart of the Drain, we were safely hidden from explorers, colonists, and franchise chains until our civilization was ready to make contact on our own terms. After years of intercepting and studying your radio signals, we knew what kind of beings populated the worlds of the Murk. We knew how your bodies were different from ours. Where ours were ma...(READ MORE)

ol' big balloon 10/20/2019 9:51pm

Gladys Pompon

Oh I like all the sweets, including the "edgier" and "fringe delights" that are coming back in style... your anise, your tamarind, your caraway, your lice. But I'll never stop loving the old standards--the chocolates, the bonbons, the samplers spread around my boudoir and on my divan. They are all divine! Chocolate Milk Butter Cream, Chocolate Caramel, Milk Boy and Messenger Boy, Dark Chocolate Coconut Stoat, Molasses Chew, Chocolate Tofu, Strawberry Cream, Tender Nuggets...(READ MORE)

Egregore 10/18/2019 11:15pm

Rose Nomenclature

I figured the giant coelacanth wouldn't notice a hitcher. It was obviously a fossilized fish with a mission, and when I harpooned my hook beneath its rainbow scales it didn't feel a thing. Then I was just along for the ride. Luckily my modern copper top diving suit is pressure proof, not to mention sleek and stylish, which allowed me to fully appreciate the wonder and the glory of our descent into Mermaid Imperium. It looked just as it was depicted in the ancient 4CP limited series by @SLYR,...(READ MORE)

Moonbeam 10/16/2019 4:46pm

Strange Katz

I found a coffin shaped box with 21 mummified mice, 7 rows of 3, in a room that had disdyakis triacontahedrons, 12 hour clocks, and dream catchers. Should we send the box to them as a gift, to let them know we come in peace? They might be more willing to communicate with us. This is Strange Katz, Reporting....(READ MORE)

Matte Kudasai 10/14/2019 9:11pm

Billy Sabab

"Bring us right along side, Shipman Eva." "Begging the captain's pardon, I really don't think that's a great idea. Sir." "Aw, we'll be fine. We just saw Rose, er, I mean, the Egregore's captain, leap out of the ship in full diving gear and plunge into the ocean below. We know she's the only crew, so we're perfectly safe." "@Rose Nomenclature doesn't seem like the kind of captain to just leave her barn door open. Sir." "Barn door?"...(READ MORE)

Battle Bus 10/12/2019 12:46pm

Pomme Contrebandier

La destruction dans Destiny City est incroyable. La aérienne de Xenia’s Phobia est arrivée peu après le saccage du vorace reconstitué du poisson fossilisé et a découvert l’immense étendue de destruction menant du quartier des musées directement aux quais des dirigeables. Tous les débarquements de navires ont été retardés pendant un certain temps, mais nous avons finalement été arrêtés à une halte routière sur une voie ferrée légère près de la périphérie de la ville....(READ MORE)

Spatuloso 10/11/2019 8:03pm

Auto Slops

"Hard larboard, number 14." I execute the maneuver. "Pitch negative 29 degrees, number 14." I execute the maneuver. "Now hold it, number 14." I remain perfectly still. I've got no idea where I am or what exactly is going on around me. My view ports have been fully blindfolded. The point of this exercise is to follow the commands immediately, exactly, and without hesitation. As part of the training to be part of this Blueshards skunkworks projec...(READ MORE)

Microwave Explosion 10/9/2019 11:36pm

Larry Fantasio

Psssst! Hey! Over here! Yeah, under the streetlamp, and up the rickety stairs behind Pop's place. Just so you know, the big boys from the Magician's Union aren't the only people keeping their eyes out for that Chinese Lightning Box. If you hear anything, the Queen of the Hudson would be mighty interested in knowing about it. Even the tiniest scrap! She'd make it worth your while, too. Just keep it on the down-low from those union boys and the CGA and you'll be right as rain. You can find h...(READ MORE)

Golden Stone 10/5/2019 5:58pm

Mr. Northwind

Without @Eugene Icicle to keep me in check, I'd freeze the huevos right off a customer like Mr. Bomburst. But Eugene knows how to keep me tamed, corked up in my wunderbottle, singing the icy spells beneath his breath. He only lets me loose when there's a proper spill to chill, or otherwise keep our golden cargo from getting the cracks and splits. No, no, I'd never freeze a customer. That'd be bad for business....(READ MORE)

WonderFly9000 10/3/2019 9:56pm


Sister @Pakhet! A ship appears! As silver as a moonlight beam! Does it hide a scorpion's sting? Or a serpent's strike? We are hailed by its @Captain Jack Fenris But our transformation is not yet complete. Father Ra's deadly rays still shed their half-life into space And mother Mut is still with child. Do we claw? Do we rip? Or do we slink away into the night?...(READ MORE)

The Flying Comrade 10/1/2019 11:04pm

Ben Tater

The Flying Comrade is lurching out of control, listing hard larboard and DOWN as the struts groan from the pressure like the whole ship's going to snap. "WEEEEEEEK WEEEEK WEEEEEK WEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!" The entire Giant Guinea Pig crew is disoriented and listless, crawling out of their meat-unit beds and tearing off the skull caps. After so long in our virtual dank web hideaway, it's a rude awakening for the crew to find themselves back in the stubby reality of their guinea pig forms...(READ MORE)

Albion 9/28/2019 7:42pm

Magnus Arquebus

At each stop we make, I encourage the remaining crew to take their leave. In my prior life, the Giant Bee Honey businesses treated me well, and at even the most remote port of call I can arrange a wire transfer for a healthy retirement bonus that would set any crew member up quite nicely. But I'm afraid the crew has grown in their own feelings for me, and that remaining with the Albion has become their own way to commemorate their fallen shipmate. This terrible tragedy has only made us stron...(READ MORE)

The Useless Precaution 9/25/2019 8:43pm

Count Almaviva

Cavalcare la terza classe sui conigli grigi del cielo è un'esperienza straziante. Ho imparato a non sedermi nella parte posteriore, poiché l'odore putrido dei servizi igienici portatili a basso costo accoppiato con l'odore del gasolio può creare nausea nel più forte degli stomaci, anche quelli che hanno avuto esperienze gastriche estese come uno come I. Invece, ho iniziato a guidare il più vicino possibile alla timoneria del pilota, proprio dietro l'autista, dove posso vedere la forfora nei...(READ MORE)

The Sadie Hawkins 9/21/2019 11:58pm

Armando Lupiz

"Please, old toothless hag. I'd really prefer not to break down this beautiful antique mahogany door!" The hag continued to cackle, locked inside the bridge. Perhaps we should have been keeping a closer watch on her. "If you're concerned about the mail delivery, I'm sure that we can work something out. We're happy to take a whole basket off your mail out right now! Luna and @Starry Skye are ready at the bomb bay doors, and even @Billy Nails agrees. He WANTS us to stop the pe...(READ MORE)

Thot Slayer 9/19/2019 12:08am


"Git aout o' here! Get aout o' here! They seen us—git aout fer your life! Dun't wait fer nothin'—they know naow—Run fer it —quick—aout o' this taown —" I tell you there certainly are some characters here in Port Nelson! The old salty sailor almost knocked me over on his way out of the local eatery. What people will do to get out of paying their tab. I, for one, feel it's our duty to help bring economic stability to establishments here on the frontier. So I had a wond...(READ MORE)

Araceli 9/11/2019 10:15pm

Jimmy Three-hands

The Traveling Ant stood upside down on the underside of the road. As I said, he was big, the biggest Traveling Ant I'd ever seen, as big as a timberjack. He had a worn out top hat on his head and a bindle over his shoulder. "Hullo, Mr. Ant! I see you upside down on the underside of the road there, standing tall as a timberjack in your worn out hat. But I see your bindle bundle swings the same way you do, towards the road. I can understand how a Traveling Ant like you has feet that cling,...(READ MORE)

The Mephitis 9/9/2019 11:12pm

Captain Pirate II

"そしてそれは何ですか? コーヒーとミルクの色です!" "What? That? Oh it's just some bit of dust, caught up by a whirlwind. Sometimes we see them this high." We were on the larboard observation deck, the film crew taking some b-roll. "しかし、顔があります! そして、角! 私たちを見ています。 そして私たちに従ってください!" "Oh, that's just a common perception misperception of people who hav...(READ MORE)

Dragon's Tooth 11/4/2018 8:27pm

Clammy Hamsphere

The ads for the mid-season finale of MERMAID IMPERIUM: THE RISE OF GRA’THUL are like a glam rock super battle of the bands, where everybody's got guitars that look like axes and swords and there are towers of flames and Marshall stacks and giant metal fishboots. My brother doesn't like hair metal so he's been dissing the show, saying that they've "jumped the shark" and doing whatever they can to "turn it up to eleven." But there's still no way he'd miss it. We're saving...(READ MORE)

Conquest 10/23/2018 11:57pm


Might be something with the transmission, but somethings going wrong. I don't think anything is getting through. If it is, I really need that job done, but it isn't showing up. I don't think the managers know that I'm kinda stuck. well, help if you can....(READ MORE)

Atlas 10/11/2018 11:39pm

Alex Marleybone

The Resurfacing has been accomplished with hardly a dent to the army. The Desert Arachni were admittedly reluctant to face defeat, and some good men had been lost to the gracious cause. Their deaths were not in vain, however. The breach into the ancient surface had been successful, despite the sacrifice of some beautiful ruins. When witnessing such destruction had reminded me of the previous memories of attending expeditions with my old crew mates, and how we planned months to reach here. Since...(READ MORE)

Ventura 7/23/2018 8:47pm

Olivia Diaz

It's so satisfying to have one's theories proven true. If only there was some way to share it with the people back home! And by home, of course, I mean Earth. We were prepared for this, and had been transmitting data back to HQ up till the very last minute. No doubt the last of it got a bit garbled in some interesting ways, but hopefully they'll find something useful in it. But the fact remains that our theories about the Brane were correct--that by reuniting it with its entangled partn...(READ MORE)

The Savage 5/31/2018 3:20pm

captain ryan

My ship is a savage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...(READ MORE)

The Knight Snug 4/29/2018 5:26pm



The Holy Bibbizle 4/29/2018 2:32am

Grape Man Jones

God bless The Holy Bibbizle...(READ MORE)

Coney Island Baby 2/5/2018 8:10pm

Lou Grass

Welcome Aboard!...(READ MORE)

Claudette 2/3/2018 11:18pm

Melinda Artaud

Silver Springs Capital Management was thrilled to have our oversupply of R's, S's, and T's removed from circulation from Orbis Eruditi, but our books show that we still owe the Claudette for the removal. Our attempts at remittance to your Accounts Receivable have gone unanswered. Is there another way we should be paying you? We have 75 capital vowels of various denominations still awaiting your acceptance on our docks, and are ready to send them to any accredited grapheme logography of your choo...(READ MORE)

Invictus 2/2/2018 11:08pm

Nathan Hill

To the Crew of the Invictus: the Labour of the Squirrels remains in the clearing southwest of the Seat of the Squirrels, capitol of the Squirrel Kingdom. We were under the impression that you were removing them from the clearing and transporting them to the Animal Arts & Crafts Faire in Wilderbrook. Did we misunderstand? Should we engage the services of a different owner-operated franchisee member of Zephyr Air Transport to contract this work to? A side benefit, however, to this delay in...(READ MORE)

Viola Ventura 1/30/2018 1:28pm

Little Bo Johnson

Here at Viola Ventura we're capable of removing any kind of wreckage from any kind of place. Our ship is currently being refueled for the trip. We will arrive in 20 to 30 hours....(READ MORE)

USS Bizzle 1/25/2018 8:54am

Ronald Baldwin

Bizzle is here to run ish...(READ MORE)

Alis Gloriae 1/25/2018 4:53am


Captain's Log: 1/25/18 Currently on our way to Oslo to receive repairs. All cargo-workers involved in the sandwich incident have been sacked. Have sent an official apology out. Veedle...(READ MORE)

Shining Machine 1/24/2018 8:18pm

Ricky VII

- .... .- -. -.- / -.-- --- ..- / ... --- / -- ..- -.-. .... / ..-. --- .-. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / .... . .-.. .--. / .-. --- -... --- - / ..-. .- -.-. . / ... - --- .--. / - .... . .-. . / .. ... / -. --- / .-. . .- ... --- -. / - --- / ..-. .-.. -.-- / ..-. --- .-. . ...- . .-. / -.-- --- ..- / ... .. .-.. .-.. -.-- / .-. --- -... --- - / ..-. .- -.-. . / ... - --- .--. / --- .... / ... - --- .--. / - .... . / -- --- ..- -. - .- .. -. ... / .- .-. . / .--- ..- ... - / ... --- / ...- . .-. -.-- /...(READ MORE)

Voyager 1/23/2018 8:01pm

Captain Annie

After a few long years of training, I finally have the skills to be captain of my mother's airship. I accept this as my first job as captain of the Voyager!...(READ MORE)

The Chiron 1/22/2018 5:41am

Wind Ghosts

22/01 - Delivery successful, no major incidents to report. Cargo has been taken off ship by handlers. On our way back to home base...(READ MORE)

Nemesis 1/20/2018 2:47pm


This cat is wanted dead or alive, so that's how I'll deliver it!...(READ MORE)

Steel Aurora 1/19/2018 10:34am


the north koreans are getting a little upsetti at the lack of confetti i would have gotten the fuel by now but im duct taped to the bow........(READ MORE)

Night Pigeon 1/15/2018 5:09am

Dvorak Iahdl

Just accepted a job so I guess I’m taking flight....(READ MORE)

The Flying Captain 1/14/2018 6:23am


Free confetti...(READ MORE)

Solstice 1/12/2018 12:38am


Finally loaded and leaving Thailand. The Solstice will be headed to New York where we have the most peculiar drop off instructions. Under any dumpster. What on earth could the buyer be doing that he has the free time to check under every dumpster in New York City. But who am I to argue?...(READ MORE)

Der Puce Wal 1/11/2018 3:10am

DeMarcus J. Tyree II

Der Puce Wal ist betriebsbereit und bessere Tage liegen vor uns! Capt. D.J Tyree II is ready and willing to transport any and all gadgets, thingamajigs, doodads, whatsits, and gizmos no matter how dangerous or bizarrely worded. However, under NO circumstance will the honorable captain be liable to transport gubbins or ROUS....(READ MORE)