E.L. Spence

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Jerico Soberanis 9/13/2023 9:29am

I formally accept the job as captain of the E.L. Spence and ferryman of strange goods.

JOB - Frenz Friddlez - 6/8/2023 9:52pm

Job claimed by Jerico Soberanis 2023-09-13 09:29:09


Yeah I'm riddled with the pox. No not THAT kind of pox, but spots and spots! The new dot craze that kids are scooping up by the pocketful at Zephyr Air Station Quick Stops from the farthest edges of the Outer Reaches to the unknown depths of the Great Drain.

YOU can be part of this exciting new lifestyle trend! We need distributors, ready to take on regular routes from Quick Stop to Quick Stop wherever Boxes O' Pox are sold. THIS MEANS YOU!

Pick up this job, then pick up the Pox at any node in our up and coming distribution network. THERE'S ONE ON YOU NOW! They're popping up like dots! Boxes of Pox!

While supplies last.