SS Evergreen

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johnkeely 8/24/2023 10:43pm

When you're a third rate mate in the engine room you don't hear much, but the word is we're on the run from some kind of big shot worm cowboy. What'd the captain do, rustle his worms?

So the Evergreen is heading off the beaten path, just till things cool off. I'm hoping we make it to a tropical island. I've never been to one, but it was the kind of thing I thought I'd see when I became a merchant airshipman. Seems like I spend most of my time looking at big greasy engines.

Jeremiah SB Malone 5/20/2023 11:47pm

So, SS Evergreen?

I'd been awaiting a check from my brokers at the Big Worm Stockshow at Wille Morton's worm ranch -- the intended destination of the delivery of which you took possession of some time ago. And after this check continued not to appear in my letter box I approached my old friend and sometimes nemesis Willie Morton via the wireless transponder and asked him at what time I might receive the proceeds from the sale of my strong young stockworms that he must have overseen at his own auction.

And while I will admit there have been some times in the past where I did not uphold the upmost respect for Wille Morton and some of his dealings on the way to the top of the Big Worm auction trade, in this case I did believe him when he said my strong young stockworms did not appear at his stockshow before the auction or since.

As a Big Worm Rancher, my livelihood depends on my ability to sell strong young stockworms each year at auction. As such, I find myself in a particular peril when my entire stock of strong young stockworms does not appear at the auction which the proceeds from will finance my upcoming year.

I hope you can understand my concern, and desire to discover the whereabouts of my delivery with the most possible speed and attention.

Jeremiah Squeezebox Malone
Squeezebox Famous Giant Earthworms

cheeseman10 2/3/2023 10:55am

I've just been accepted for a job on the SS Evergreen. I hope I get many job offers.

Jeremiah SB Malone - 1/30/2023 11:23pm

Job claimed by cheeseman10 2023-02-03 10:55:33

The SB stands for SqueezeBox, but this dern thing thinks my name is too long.

You ever had worms? No not inside you that is disgusting! I mean the big boys, the kind a feller might keep in a pen in the back yard? I mean, iff'n you had the right licenses and such.

Well I happen to have had a good year, and now my crop of Squeezebox Famous Giant Earthworms is overflowin' -- quite literally -- and it's time to ship 'em off to market, where they'll get auctioned off and used for various purposes both nutritious and or entertaining.

But you better come and get 'em quick! Before they've grown too big to fit more than a couple in your hold!

Just drop by Squeezebox Earthworm Farms, Big Clearing in the Jungle, Ahsabkab Vallis, on the shady side of Venus.

And tell 'em Jeremiah sent you!