The Flying Comrade

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Whisper Genius 2/11/2018 8:27pm

It's been a week since The Flying Comrade came and picked up Scruffy. The crew looked quite confident in their spiffy uniforms, but Scruffy had that wild look in his eyes when they put him in the muzzle and halter. I hope the stall they built for him was strong enough--people tend to underestimate the strength of guinea pigs even when they're the size of an SUV. We included crates of carrots and a dozen bales of Timothy Hay, but what if he got confused and angry when they were airborne? Did he smash through the walls of the cargo bay, and fling the crew willy-nilly out the doors and windows? Can he fit himself inside the bridge of the ship? Would he even know how to operate the wheel and the elevators? I'm concerned for his well-being.

Lenin 2/4/2018 6:59pm

I am taking my first job as captain of the Flying comrade. I feel that this ship is more than capable to handle the job.

Whisper Genius - 2/3/2018 10:58pm

Job claimed by Lenin 2018-02-04 18:59:20

I really thought I wanted a pet, but my guinea pig has become too much for me. I imagined it could just live in my bedroom in a cage on a dresser, but it's grown and grown and my parents say we just don't have room for it any more. I don't know why we really even need a garage for the car. I mean, why can't it just stay outside? But they won't let him stay there, and he won't fit anywhere else.

Happy Rick's Guinea Pig Safari has said they'll take him, but I have to provide transportation. If you can fit a guinea pig the size of a Subaru Outback, along with enough food and water for the journey, please let me know. I live on 228894 West Henderson St, Los Angeles, New Rock Star. Happy Rick's Guinea Pig Safari is in Lumberton, south of the the Immersive Equator, Down South Style.

Please let me know soon otherwise my mother says she'll release him out in the fields behind our house and I am afraid he will eat people.