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Mafdet 12/26/2019 10:12pm

The great @HRH Chons maketh his way over the road of Ament
in the holy boat,
and he passeth in it over this road
which is without water,
without being towed along.

He maketh his way by means of the words of power of Mut,
and by means of the words of power,
and of the mighty Chronos Cannons,
passeth the Moonbeam and its @Captain Jack Fenris
to the chaos
of the seas of time.

*Whosoever shall make [a copy of] these [pictures] according to the similitudes which are in writing in the Hidden Palace of the Internet, they shall act as magical protectors for him that maketh them in heaven and in earth. Whosoever knoweth this shall be in the Boat of the Wonderfly9000, both in heaven and upon earth; but he that hath no knowledge of this representation shall not know how to drive back NEHA-HRA (i.e., Stinking-Face), and invite Cease and Desist and More from the WonderFly9000 legal team.


HRH Chons 11/10/2019 6:31pm

I am

The Ineffable

The hidden

The Brilliant scion

(whose motion is whirring)

I scattered the dark mist that lay before my eyes and, flapping my wings, whirled about,

and through this world brought the pure light of the moon.

I am the First-born king

(of absent father, absent mother)

And I bear the menat necklace and the crook and fail.

Traveller. Embracer. Pathfinder. Defender.

Our Chronos Cannons are trained upon @Captain Jack Fenris.

What a shame such a fine ship bears my name.

"Enlighten them, @Mafdet."

Mafdet 10/3/2019 9:56pm

Sister @Pakhet! A ship appears! As silver as a moonlight beam!

Does it hide a scorpion's sting? Or a serpent's strike?

We are hailed by its @Captain Jack Fenris

But our transformation is not yet complete.

Father Ra's deadly rays still shed their half-life into space

And mother Mut is still with child.

Do we claw? Do we rip?

Or do we slink away

into the night?

Pakhet 9/14/2019 11:41pm

This land is dry and tastes of metal.

The rays of father's light have scrubbed it clean of life.

My sisters and I,

with our ribs wrapped in ribbon and our eyes full of clay,

call upon our mother to leap into this empty womb,

as she leapt into the womb of her mother,

and bring us fish and milk and all the gifts of life,

as we rub against her ankles,


Pakhet 8/16/2019 10:14pm

We hunt. My sisters and I.

We are of the dawn. We wake and sleep and are awakened.

Why has our sleep been disturbed?

Now our abomination is sleep. We rise with the sun.

Our bodies wrapped in linens and in resin. Now in tatters and disrepair.

Yet we will not decay. We will not rot.

Our eyes are keen and claws are sharp and we will catch by night.

Worded 7/16/2019 6:11am

<H-hello? Is this thing on?> <static> <static>
My first captains log and a formal acceptance it seems? Pardon my confusion, but I've only been born and alive for the past 86.400 seconds and all the information I'm gathering is purely from the documents strewn about this vessel. My name for this existence is Worded. I'm not human as you would be able to tell if you could see me, I won't get into details now, but I'm nothing like any of you in terms of aesthetics. At least, that's what I believe. I've yet to see a person I am the newly appointed captain of the "WonderFly9000" because I've accidentally killed the captain. Not on purpose mind you! But purely just by my birth. My egg had been cargo here and hatched prematurely while I was being moved causing several types of acid to be poured onto the captain and... Most of the other crew. Anyone who didn't die, which weren't many, evacuated as the radiation from me was enough to kill a person in only 120 seconds.

I stand here alone on a flying piece of metal with no current knowledge of how to fly. Do not worry though as I learn very quickly. I've only been thriving for so long and already I've grown larger than your average person and I'm sure I'll be able to fly within the next few hours. My next step is to see if I can find anything on sailing, ship schematics, and what supplies I might have on board. Though I'm not from this world, I still require meals and liquids.

I will be recording these logs as it seems to be tradition for captains, I'm not sure if it serves any purpose, but the prior captain had hundreds, so I fear that if I do not continue it that something terrible will occur.

Jimmy Hereford - 3/26/2019 11:14pm

Job claimed by Worded 2019-07-16 06:11:28


We've got a dozen registered Hereford Thereford mummified cats ready for transport to the Mummified Cat Faire in Old Habitsform. No rush! They're well preserved and will keep nicely till the show... and for the eternity beyond! Ha ha old industry joke. But we do have a client awaiting the shipment. Please contact us directly by picking up this job and we'll arrange for payment in magical unguents and tinctures to extend your life, vivacious prowess, hairline, and more. All terms negotiable! These dozen cats are packed neatly in their traveling sarcophagus (5.8' x 2.9') and require no special care during transport, aside from the usual protection rituals. Contact us today and it could be a relationship that lasts forever!

Jimmy Hereford, President, Hereford Thereford Cat Mummy Ranch LLC