The Atlantic Sway

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Dr. Erwin Strand 5/15/2022 11:04pm

Subject W114b**
Breakthrough Intelligence Sequence Investigation 

The aquatic mammal registered as @Northern Right Whale has consistently shown ULTRA MK level mastery of an increasingly sophisticated semiotic result chain and implementations. Graduation to operation Mama Goose has been approved. 

The first airship specially scaled for large Earth whales has recently been completed. It is large enough to support a crew of 12 large Earth whales in its aquatic habitat. This “aquarium of the air” (as described by Z.A.T. LLC CEO Dean Hammer) provides all adaptive technologies necessary to allow Cetaceans to operate a standard Z.A.T. merchant vessel. It is, of course, enormous, but because of its mass can achieve sustained higher speeds than any other Z.A.T. ship. 

Shakedown testing with Captain @Northern Right Whale beginning immediately.

Dr. Erwin Strand, PhD.
Z.A.T. R&D

Northern Right Whale 2/28/2022 11:25am

UUUUuuuuuuuu..... AAAUUUEeeaaa..... aaauUUUUUUuuuoooo.....

[ I have carried the cargo far, very far... ]

oooooOOOOOoo........ mnnnnuuuuu... uuuuuUUUUUOOOOAAA....

[ I arrived at the destination without incident... ]

UUeuuuuuuu... uuuuuaau....

[ The machine began to rumble and whir imposingly...]


[ But this was a round-trip anyway. ]

Ooooaaa aaaaaaaeeeoooooooo oooooo... oooaa.....ooooooooooooEE

[ I returned home... Retrieved the nuclear bomb... ]


[ Brought it back... ]

AOooooooeeoom oooooo uuioooo.
[ It exploded once placed. This was the goal.]

Gill Bates - 2/27/2022 9:43pm

Job claimed by Northern Right Whale 2022-02-28 11:25:16

Virus Laden PC's in need of transport!

We here Macrosoft have just had countless computational devices go down, telling us that they have a virus and to call some odd number after clicking an email with the subject "Stinky Cheese." We would reach out for help to this number but we cannot risk exposure to a dangerous virus, as we may fall ill if exposed during these trying times. We ask that these be shipped to Antarctica ASAP by only the most daring dirigible. Hazardous Materials such as these infected machines must be taken care of with the most resepect possible, so we ask that afterwards, Zephy Air Transport delivers another machine that seems to eradicate such spreadable infection with much ease - known as a Nuclear bomb, to the same location immediately after disposal of said device. If it becomes mutated it may very well spread to humans and we would really dislike email spam coming through to us directly.

-Grill Bates