USS Imperative

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Fritzi Zwicki 2/19/2024 11:50pm

Making a port of call at sunny Fort Snord.

While I've enjoyed being the captain (following the Hyperspatial Mezmo Event Level 9) I can't help but feel a little bit the imposter. The rest of the crew was professional enough not to mention it, but, I'm not really sure if I can hack it!

Looking for a way to contact Zephyr Tech and report the Mezmo Event and maybe they'll have some advice to get me out of this. I mean, what even happened to the old captain? Just winked out of existence? I can't help but feel somewhat responsible.

So, given everyone shore leave while I try and sort this out.

Fritzi Zwicki 10/23/2023 10:05pm

That spritely, wizened old man with a white beard and a wink and a twinkle in his eye got that ritinculator adjusted quicker than you can sneeze up a chimney.

But all that mezmo got reinjected back up the ramjets--and blew us three realities over and two up.

That's right: A Hyperspatial Mezmo Event Level 9! Just like we learned about back at Zephyr Tech.

I'll have to get in contact with the people who publish the text book and let them know. But the accompanying reality shift has led to some dramatic changes on the USS Imperative. For instance, the ship has undergone a fantastical modernization, and I have been reinvented as its captain! With a spiffy new uniform.

What adventures await? Full steam ahead!

Barnaby Winklestein 7/20/2023 11:12pm

Where's that young First Engineer's Mate? Zwiffy I believe?

Ah there you are my lad! Oooooo and what's all this Mezmo oozing all over the floor? Ha ha! Not to worry.

Let's have a look at that ritinculator... just stand back while I put my finger by my nose and give a nod and....

up Up UP!

Temblors Gumbo 4/3/2023 10:09pm

"What's going on down there, engine room?" I've got a private speaking tube this time. Much more efficient.

"Well, ah.... First Engineer's Mate Zwicki here, Leftenant. I'm afraid the ramjets have gone a bit mezmo."

"Mezmo is it?" I ask.

"Yes sir, all glowy and vibratey and oozing all over the floor..."

"Yes, yes," I say. "We've all seen the videos online. Well, sounds like you're in need of a spritely, wizened old man with a white beard and a wink and a twinkle in his eye, am I right?" I ask.

"Well, so as long as he can show me how to adjust the ritinculator--"

"Coming right up," I say. "We have just the man."

Fritzi Zwicki 12/27/2022 11:55pm

Frankly, in all my years of night school at Zephyr Tech, I'd never actually fired a ramjet before.

I know that three years at Zephyr Tech with a focus on ramjets looks really good on paper, but I always imagined I'd have some kind of mentor... on the job training, and all that. A spritely, wizened old man with a white beard and a wink and a twinkle in his eye, showing me exactly how to adjust the ritinculator when the ramjet goes all mezmo...

And "going all mezmo" is the official term for what these ramjet engines seem to be doing... kind of glowing, and vibrating, and starting to ooze all over the floor...

Temblors Gumbo 10/4/2022 10:21pm

"But sir! Er, your Their-ness. The ramjets haven't had a proper shakedown."

Captain @Grombletombus wasn't having it.

"But that kind of speed... at that distance... she needs some trials first. If I'm not mistaken, the Law of the Air, vol 7., chapter 14 says---"

Nope. Not having it at all.

"Prepare the Ramjets!"

"Aye, Leftenant," says the helm. "Preparing the Ramjets. You want mustard on that?"

"Excuse me, helm?!!!"

"Just joking," says the helm. "PREPARE THE RAMJETS!" he hollers down the speaking tube.

Prepare the Ramjets!

prepare the ramjets!

prepare the ramjets

The call echoes through the ship.

ramjets prepared

ramjets prepared!

Ramjets Prepared!

"RAMJETS PREPARED!" yells the helm.

"I'm right here," I say.

"Yes, of course Leftenant," says the helm.

"Fire the...," oh god, what am I getting into? "FIRE THE RAMJETS!" I cry.

Zerene Eurydice 7/22/2022 11:18pm

God it's boring being a steward onboard the USS Imperative, standing around at attention all day in the wardroom in my dress whites while Captain @Grombletombus entertains the "guest." I can see right through that ridiculous costume -- that trenchcoat isn't hiding all those tentacles.

I tell Chief Steward I've got to hit the head. We're over-staffed anyway for this.

Fritzi Zwicki 4/23/2022 11:56pm

There’s not often call for ramjet engineers in the merchant airship service, but I’m glad to see my years of night school at Zephyr Tech finally paying off!

Capt. @Grombletombus has some kind of fatcat in a suit on the bridge, and I just know we’re finally getting a gig and we’ll finally be able to test these engines out. I wonder where we might be headed?

Grombletombus 2/16/2022 7:59pm

Good evening to you all. I can't tell you my real name because of...past endeavors. I'll write under a pseudonym for now. Anyway, I've just joined the fleet and intend to use my airship for the fastest deliveries in the company. I do hope no one objects to my retro-fitting it with ramjet engines. I do hope I can receive a job soon, but until then, this is Grombletombus, signing off.