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Mickey Fine 11/9/2023 10:55pm

"Monsieur Fine?" the waiter asked. How did he know my name?

"I have this package for you, to be delivered to this table, at this time, on this date."

He handed over a narrow rectangular box. neatly wrapped in white paper and string. It was a little heavy. A watch?

I looked around. No one was looking at me. I checked for people across the street, perhaps watching me in the reflections of the storefront windows. No one seemed to be paying me the slightest bit of attention. I couldn't see any cctv cameras but there could easily have been one hiding.

Carefully, I untied the string and unwrapped the box and opened it.

It was a large rusty key.

Mickey Fine 8/7/2023 10:02pm

And how lucky was I this jacket came with money in the pocket! And in whatever strange currency this world seems to accept? Someone must have come through from this world and left the jacket it that maintenance closet. Which does sort of make me nervous about taking it, if it was “lost and found” then what are the rules exactly?

But boy, is it comfortable. Roomy but fits well. And these pockets! It’s like there’s no end to them. Sitting here so debonair in this outdoor cafe sipping my espresso I felt I should have a cigarette and low and behold there’s a pack in the pocket! And matches! And I don’t even smoke!!

Ack!! Cough cough cough.

Mickey Fine 4/26/2023 11:46pm

This new coat is incredibly comfortable. Because it's gabardine! Which, to the uninitiated, is more or less a trench coat. It's like a great cloak of SPYNESS.

I feel like a new man. And this strange glowing portal seems to have helped as well. I've entered into an area of Base 1 I've never visited. There are cafes, and tree lined streets bustling with people... Yes, this is the Base I'd like to live in.

Excuse me, I'd like a cup of coffee.

Gabardine 1/13/2023 11:54pm

I have incased a host, a member of the janitorial staff of base 1, the factory outlet for @smiley’s Warehouse.

He’s got a lot of spirit though, and controlling him is testing all of my training as a Traveling Jacket. Such will! They are such beautiful creatures, and will make a fine ride once he’s been successfully broken.

He did get a little out of control and led us through one of the emergent portals eddies rampant in the area. Triangulating now…

jason 10/20/2022 10:57am

ive found something i cant even understand its beautiful yet terrifying its calm yet angry. il be back soon


Mickey Fine 10/19/2022 10:53pm

Being a night janitor at Base 1 has its perks. There's not many people around, so I have the place to myself.

Sometimes I find something interesting. Like tonight, I'm in a maintenance closet and there's a jacket hanging in there. A really nice jacket. Looks like Gabardine. Doesn't look like it would belong to the day janitor. Lost and found?

So I try it on. It's a perfect fit. And it's totally my color.

Now I'm the sharpest dressed night janitor in all of Base 1.

Hey what's this glowing portal thing?

Houndstooth 8/4/2022 10:48pm

I've made it through to the node adjacent to @smiley's Warehouse.

@Mohair -- please let @Seersucker know we're ready for Phase II.

Sizing up the customers now.

jason 5/12/2022 8:05am

i just woken up and i dont know where i am. i appear to be in a base called base 1. there is a image saying smileys warehouse.i found a room with strange glowing boxes with wire going up to a glowing portal thing.i will see where the portal goes