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Great Mama Two-hands 1/29/2018 7:56pm

Oh you're very kind, Leila. I'm just sure Jimmy Three-hands will love those pies. You have a safe trip to Shark Country. They say those sharks are loud, and it can be a little scary. If you get scared you can take a big whiff of my pies and I'm sure it will calm you right down. And don't let Jimmy Three-hands scare you either, when he looks at you with those three big green eyes of his.

Leila L. Laguardia 1/28/2018 8:16pm

Seems like this is just the job for our maiden voyage! Don't worry, your pies are safe in Leila Laguardia's hands. The Araceli'll get these pies to their destination lickety-split!
Over and out!

Great Mama Two-hands - 1/26/2018 8:47pm

Job claimed by Leila L. Laguardia 2018-01-28 20:16:44

Oh my pies! My pies! They’re ever so warm and fresh. Blueberry and Marionberry and Rhubarb. They’re speaking to me from the windowsill. Shhhh... listen. They are saying “Take us to the home of Jimmy Three-hands! He will hold us with his three hands, and look at us with his three eyes, and taste us with his three tongues! Oh do take us to the home of Jimmy Three-hands!”

But Great Mama Two-hands is old. I can’t take these pies to the home of Jimmy Three-hands! I need help.

If you can help me, you can find me at Great Mama Two-hands Cooking Academy, 22 Drury Lane, Northbundle, Idofrod, NTE. Jimmy Three-hands lives in the South Shakes, east of the Big Nose river in Shark Country. But oh do hurry. These pies are cooling off fast! And they’re ever so much better when they’re warm.