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Jimmy Three-hands 5/23/2018 9:00pm

I could tell I was on the Bakemono Road as soon as I smelled the skunk. I was sure I had taken a wrong turn over a particular snow-capped butte, but when I turned around and flew back the way I came, it was nowhere to be found! So I turned around again and that's when I smelled it on the air. It was the skunk. And I had been tricked into finding Bakemono Road. Which is the only way to find it, since it's a road that keeps hidden and shifting before your very eyes, and if you're not careful then you're sure to lose it. Which is why the skunk is such a good marker. It has a way of focusing the mind, and if you can just keep that smell in your nose--don't let it go!--then you can find your way to Bakemono Road.

I tied up the Araceli at an airstrip outside of Nudelton, Gateway to Bakemono Road, and have taken a room at a hostel.

Jimmy Three-hands 5/5/2018 9:36pm

After the delicious smoothie bowls at Great Mama Two-hands' house, it was time to decide on a course. The comic-book pages that make up my ship are like a map, and there are many paths to choose from. Of course there are pages from Miraculous Mummy, but many others too, including Time Travelling Toaster; Dryad Deluxe; Lance, Lord of Mystery; Ultra Lass; Rescue Rosaria; The Phantom Platoon; Enormous Fly; and even the Forever Cabal.

As I was gently circling over Great Mama Two-hands' compound, going over the flight checklists one last time, my eyes landed on one of my earliest favorites. Had I really sacrificed its page to create this ship? It seemed to be calling to me.

Bakemono Road, here we come!

Great Mama Two-hands 4/20/2018 8:48am

Jimmy Three-hands is so kind. Did you know he came to visit me in his wonderful airship? He made it out of comic books, and oh it is magnificent. The dots of his four color process filled the air with the scent of musty newsprint when he landed in my yard.

“Thank you for your delicious pies Great Mama Two-hands” he said when climbed down the ladder. He is so thoughtful. And handsome, with his three green eyes and three long tongues darting about as he whispers his kindnesses.

“I’ve picked some fresh berries,” I told him. “Would you care for a fresh smoothie bowl, Jimmy Three-hands? It’s a beautiful morning, and I’d love you to join me for some breakfast on this fine fine day.”

“Yes, Great Mama Two-hands, I’d like that very much. I’d like that very much indeed.”

Jimmy Three-hands 4/6/2018 8:03pm

It is too much to be too long anywhere. So I sent away to an advertisement in the back of one of my comic books--Miraculous Mummy--and received this fantastic Do-it-yourself Airship Kit in the mail. It is truly wonderful, and with merely some airplane glue and monofilament tape, I have constructed this marvelous Ship of the Air!

It is time to go explorering. Who's who? How much? and what's the answer? The propellers are propelling, and the gas bag lifting. Full steam ahead! First stop: Great Mama Two-hands, to thank her for the pies.

Great Mama Two-hands 3/20/2018 10:07pm

Well I had a dream about JImmy Three-hands eatin' my pies! It was a wonderful dream. Would you like me to tell you about it? It was a beautiful summer morning at Jimmy Three-hands' cabin, and the mist was on the dew and the wild strawberries were ripe on their little vines, and the great translucent emptiness of Kiakiadori sat in the pond and rose up high into the sky, filling it with the dark void of the universe.

Jimmy Three-hands was just about to stick one of his three long tongues into one of my three warm pies when he had an idea.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have some fresh ice cream to eat with my pies?," he thought. "Kiakiadori could get me that ice cream, because he holds the entire universe inside him, and there's bound to be ice cream in there somewhere."

So Jimmy Three-hands walked on down to the pond and looked up at the giant Kiakiadori, which some people say looks like a slug, and other people say looks like a snake, but it's hard to say because it's transparent clear see-through and is filled with nothing but stars and space and nebula. Kiakiadori towered over Jimmy Three-hands.

"Hey Kiakiadori! I heard from Oyster Ray that you don't have the real universe inside you--just a finite baby microverse. At least that's what Oyster Ray told me."

The Kiakiadori shivered, and the space inside him shimmied.

"I told him I knew you had the real universe inside you and that I could prove it. All I need is to show him some evidence. Like, I don't know, how about a pint of ice cream? If you can give me a pint of ice cream from the universe inside you, then I'll show Oyster Ray and that'll be that! Whaddaya say?"

Jimmy Three-hands wrung his three hands looked up at Kiakiadori with his three eyes. He tried his best to look serious and honest.

Kiakiadori puckered a portion of its amorphous outer surface and turned it inward, bending the dimensions of spacetime and connecting with an ice cream stand somewhere in the universe where the workers wore white paper hats and the tiles were clean and it smelled like fresh sugar and milk, and returned with a pint of ice cream, which it put into Jimmy Three-hands' three hands.

"Thank you Kiakiadori! Thank you very much!" said Jimmy Three-hands, and he walked back to his cabin.

Jimmy Three-hands ate the ice cream and the pie. And now there's a new baby microverse inside of Jimmy Three-hands.

Oh don't you worry. I told you it's just a dream!

Great Mama Two-hands 1/29/2018 7:56pm

Oh you're very kind, Leila. I'm just sure Jimmy Three-hands will love those pies. You have a safe trip to Shark Country. They say those sharks are loud, and it can be a little scary. If you get scared you can take a big whiff of my pies and I'm sure it will calm you right down. And don't let Jimmy Three-hands scare you either, when he looks at you with those three big green eyes of his.

Leila L. Laguardia 1/28/2018 8:16pm

Seems like this is just the job for our maiden voyage! Don't worry, your pies are safe in Leila Laguardia's hands. The Araceli'll get these pies to their destination lickety-split!
Over and out!

Great Mama Two-hands - 1/26/2018 8:47pm

Job claimed by Leila L. Laguardia 2018-01-28 20:16:44

Oh my pies! My pies! They’re ever so warm and fresh. Blueberry and Marionberry and Rhubarb. They’re speaking to me from the windowsill. Shhhh... listen. They are saying “Take us to the home of Jimmy Three-hands! He will hold us with his three hands, and look at us with his three eyes, and taste us with his three tongues! Oh do take us to the home of Jimmy Three-hands!”

But Great Mama Two-hands is old. I can’t take these pies to the home of Jimmy Three-hands! I need help.

If you can help me, you can find me at Great Mama Two-hands Cooking Academy, 22 Drury Lane, Northbundle, Idofrod, NTE. Jimmy Three-hands lives in the South Shakes, east of the Big Nose river in Shark Country. But oh do hurry. These pies are cooling off fast! And they’re ever so much better when they’re warm.