Liberate Tuteme

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Waylon MacCaa 1/27/2024 10:34pm

Communication with the Zaratan is done via the ornately crafted Helmet of Tho'rrn, which sits in a sacristy behind the great turtle's supraoccipital bone. The helm serves as an amplifier and scoop for the creature's passing thoughts.

"Here comes another one... OOOOOOOF!"

Petty officer LeeAnn was out for the count. Lasted longer than warrant officer Warren, but still didn't take the prize. One of our crew has to have what it takes to break this great beast. Take it into telepathic rein.

It will take a special kind of person.

"Shipman... Eva?"

"Reporting for duty! Sir!"

Waylon MacCaa 10/7/2023 9:58pm


The region is strewn with detritus from multiple former campsites -- charred wood here and there between the deep ridges, empty cans, discarded canteens riddled with bullets. Paths between the sites were marked by simple ropes connected between poles driven in the the scutes, now in great disrepair. It appears to have been uninhabited for quite some time.

The paths converge and make their way to the head of the giant turtle, which is encased in a massive helmet hammered together in a byzantine manner and with long rusty chains attached as reins.

The turtle has yet to acknowledge our presence.

Waylon MacCaa 7/6/2023 4:29pm

Captain @Qwicol! Land hoy!

Granted I can't say what land it might be, but land it seems.

Or the back of an enormous turtle.

Hmmm... yes... a very enormous turtle.

Hekenuhedjet V 3/18/2023 11:57pm

The Ancients have awoken.

Out of their tombs they have crawled, @Hekenuhedjet IV herself tearing away the stones that sealed them in.

Now the Ancients rule once more. They sit on thrones and in the back seats of convertibles in motorcades, commanding our attention.

And we realize we were never free. They were our masters in their deaths, and now our masters once again in their undeaths.

Captain @Qwicol, we need our jelly no more. Doomed instead we are to serve the ancients, wrapped in their ribbons and dust, bones protruding and moths fluttering.

We will serve them till we each become ancient ourselves.

Qwicol 3/13/2023 8:48am

03/13/2023 AD

Much has transpired since my last log.

It may be so, that I and my crew are not experienced enough for transport of Preserved fruits of the Ancients. No one told us about dreams and uneasiness that we feel each time when we turn our back on empty thresholds on our ship.

Two months ago my Coxswain, good Waylon MacCaa put us on corrected course. Since this time we lost land from our sight. We are going south and Sun is always on our starboard. Most peculiar.

There is one thing more. I did not tell any of my good crewmembers, but I see... There is something with us here. When I gaze into the vespertine darkness of corners of my cabin I see... there are shapes of black, slithering against black, a teeming shadows that disappear every time I focus my sight onto them.

But, I'm a man of my word. It may take me a long time, but we will prevail. It is not that those hoary preserves that we transport will decay before we arrive.

Look for us, we will arrive from the North.

Hekenuhedjet V 2/5/2023 10:33pm

Hekenuhedjet IV has awoken! And she is seeking her sweets.

Only the Preserved Fruits of the Ancients will satiate her! She has eaten all our jelly and the honey is next. She is dressed in rags and ribbons and raiding the shoppes and causing great terror among the people.

Where is our delivery, Captain @Qwicol? If you have already eaten the all the fruits, then Skittles or Starbursts will do.

Or even Jolly Ranchers.

Hekenuhedjet V 11/5/2022 11:58pm

It is I, Hekenuhedjet V, ancestor of Hekenuhedjet IV, who has now passed, and rests in preserved jelly.

Due to the missing shipments of Preserved Fruits of the Ancients, we had to use Smuckers.

Captian Qwicol where are our preserved fruits?!!

Hekenuhedjet IV is becoming restless.

Hekenuhedjet IV 8/16/2022 8:03pm

Our preserved fruits for the Preserved Fruit Festival have not yet arrived.

We are disturbed. The festival starts very soon. Without the preserved fruits, the ancients will become restless.

Captian Qwicol of the Liberate Tuteme, where are our fruits?

Is the shipment not free if it does not arrive in 30 days or less?

Qwicol 6/4/2022 4:12am

Here, as the captain of Liberate Tuteme I accept the job of ancient fruits delivery.

Qwicol 6/4/2022 4:10am

First day, first cargo.

Crew is small, provisions not substantial but we are getting there.

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