the merchant's coop

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chicken 2/6/2024 9:46am

first day of the coop's voyage, we have a job to move a cursed cat statue to an auction being held far far away, we load it onto the ship with minor difficulties as it is quite heavy, and we set off for the ancient meef castle, we had very few difficulties and successfully completed our course, we are now ready for another job and are glad our first day went so well.

Hedley Whitmire - 1/31/2024 12:36am

Job claimed by chicken 2024-02-06 09:46:30

My giant cat statue has become too much to bear. The weight of it!

I am having it sold at auction. An auction far, far away from my little seaside town (UMBERLAND, MINISQUALIA) where it can be acquired by the highest bidder, and one made of stauncher stuff than I am. Oh the night terrors!

It is quite heavy but I am sure your big puffy ship can take it all the way to the auction house (ANCIENT MEEF CASTLE, TRIUMVERNESS) and I can be rid of it and use the money for something more soothing. Like a giant monkey statue.

Please come by and take this terrible, wretched, cursed thing off my hands. I'm sure it will give you no trouble.