Zeppelin Zoologica

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Weiss 5/10/2022 1:42pm

After a few months of not working, the communications system is back online. Thanks to the help of the honorable Lieutenant Denkt, the navigations system is online again as well. Without the much-needed help, I probably would have reentered the Bermuda Triangle and circled around in there for even longer than I already have.

As for my log entry before my disappearance, my client in the redwood forests of California was quite a strange fellow. He stood about eight feet high, was covered head to toe in hair, spoke about as well as a two year old and had the largest feet I have ever seen. While I can't be certain, I do belive that he is the elusive "bigfoot" that we have all heard about. After I delivered his massive shoes, he seemed to want to board my ship. After a quick briefing of the Zephyr Air Transport code, a new member of the Zeppelin Zoologica climbed aboard. While his hygiene practices are... very few to say the least, it is nice to have Squatch B. Foot as company aboard the ship, even if he smells like he has never had a bath.

Signing off,
Capt. Weiss

Lieutenant Denkt 4/29/2022 10:56pm

Dear Capt. @weiss,

Now that the new navigation system has been successfully delivered by The NImble Shroud, I'm requesting permission to take command of The Nimble Shroud and look into the mystery of her missing crew and captain, Capt. @katelynn.

I promise to report back regularly. But, after bringing our new navigation system to us it's the least we can do.


Lt. Denkt
Currently onboard The NImble Shroud

weiss 2/17/2022 12:06pm

I walked out of the market with a little more than the necessary parts I needed... Just a couple of extra books, a couple of shelves, and a model of "The Comet", the fastest zeppelin on the earth. After hoisting up my treasure trove of clutter, I noticed a letter pinned to the bottom of the rope ladder. The envelope was tattered and torn, splashed with mud and covered in several random stamps from different time periods. There was no return address, but it was clearly labeled "Mr. Weiss Captain Human". Interesting choice of words.

I opened it to find an aged slip of paper adorned with oddly placed words in awful handwriting. It read:

"I hear you that take things rare to everywhere places. Size 23 shoes size need in forest with many red big tree. leave money in under rock by biggest tree. thanks for the helpful, Squatch B. Foot."

It took some turning the letter around and figuring out the order of the words, but I worked out that there is a person in need of very large shoes, in the redwood forest in California. By the biggest one, I assumed the sender means General Sherman, the 2000 year old behemoth of a tree. I've always wanted to go there anyways, so I hopped in my blimp, fired up the new rotors with some new dashboard components, and set off for California, to meet the mysterious individual who sent the messy letter.

I have just left Ireland, and am adrift above the Atlantic. A report will be made once the job is complete.

Signing off, Captain Weiss

weiss 2/17/2022 6:44am

As I dock above the streets of Dublin to try and find parts for my delightful dirigible, I can't help but notice that people are looking up and laughing. I felt a sense of pride at first, thinking that people were amazed at my ship, but then I realized: they were laughing AT me. I tried not to blush as I climbed down the rope ladder into the streets.

"You got that old junker, eh? The one that crazy old bloke made?" someone shouted to me in a heavy accent.

"I am amazed that you can even get that heap off the ground, being made of hides and all!", he said before breaking out into peals of laughter. The previous owner of the ship had made quite a name for himself. It was true, though. The Zeppelin Zoologica's balloon was made of a patchwork of thick leathers. The name does not lie, zoologica means "of animals" in latin.

I walked past the man, now on his knees laughing deep, hearty laughs. I tried to keep my head down as I made my way to the market, in search of a new fin and some piping. I have a feeling this is not the last time I have an encounter like this.

weiss 2/16/2022 4:43pm

I wipe the sweat from my brow. The first trade offer of the ship could not have been more problematic. After a particularly long time of haggling, I had finally managed to acquire a particularly large batch of rare furs. I loaded the last pallet on the ship, did the necessary checks, and took to the skies. The work is tough, but I am tougher; but I grant that it would be easier and more entertaining to have a crew to command, and maybe a pet or two. As I sail with the sunset on starboard side, I can't help but wonder what the future holds for the Zeppelin Zoologica.