The Redmane

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Kendall Warren 4/27/2022 11:36pm

Kendall Warren here, Chief Reindeer Wrangler at the Manchester College of Cryptozoology.

We've been expecting a delivery of a Watoobian reindeer kidney for one of our residents for some time, but we are sorry to say that Buttercream has now passed on to the Glorious Fields of Eflebum, which is of course the realm of the Watoobian afterlife, or "Land of Salty Silver Fruits" as it is also known in their native tongue.

However, it is said that a reindeer can return from those far fields, if "an 'rgan fair, did shape liketh an fusty bean, beest did present, wrapp'd in cheesecloth, at the Altar of the Rainbow at the Endeth of the W'rld, which is a big hole in the n'rth wh're the ocean falls through."

And so, Captain @Ace Boeman of The Redmane, if you have this kidney in tow, could we enlist you to take me and my Reindeer Wrangle Squad to the far north, and attempt this noble deed? If not, the Watoobian reindeer may be no more.


Kendall Warren
Chief Reindeer Wrangler
Manchester College of Cryptozoology

Ace Boeman 2/17/2022 8:00am

We finished dumping the haunted furniture in the Bermuda Triangle. Now we have to head to Jolly Ol’ England to some old kooks house. I don’t exactly know where to find the containment unit, but I’m sure the guy will have one. I caught MM drunk in the navigators chair so now he’s cleaning the latrine. I hope this job isn’t too confusing, I’ve never even heard of a Watoobian reindeer, I guess it’s cause they’re so rare. We’re approaching English airspace so I better get to the cockpit and take her down.
Signing off

Ace Boeman 2/17/2022 6:30am

Accepted my second job. This one sounds a little weird and…eccentric. We’ll see. More details to follow -Ace

Whitehat Manor - 2/16/2022 11:20pm

Job claimed by Ace Boeman 2022-02-17 06:30:49


I am General Prof. Cornelius Whitehat LVI

I am in need of delivery of a rare Watoobian reindeer kidney. I have a colleague who works in the Manchester college of Cryptozoology and requires a kidney to provide a life saving transplant to Buttercream, the Watoobian reindeer on staff at the MCC.

Buttercream is one of the last Watoobian reindeers in the northeast hemisphere and the only male Watoobian reindeer left. Please use a specialized Watoobian reindeer kidney containment and transportation unit as it is the only safe way to deliver such kidney without fear of radiation poisoning.

When I received the call from my friend that Buttercream was in dire need of a transplant I immediately checked my collection of rare animal kidneys and found I had one left (it was buried underneath a pile of paperwork) Please help as it will insure the survival of the species.

Report to Whitehat Manor ASAP for further details.

Michael Mitchell 2/16/2022 7:36am

Apologies to Ace, I used his journal to record my first log. -MM

Ace Boeman 2/16/2022 7:35am

Just got recruited by Captain Ace Boeman as a crew member for The Redmane. I don’t quite know what being a crew member involves, I was in a pub when Ace came in and asked if I wanted work. I guess I was too drunk to say no. We’re delivering something to somewhere. I have to go maintain the upkeep of the Grade 7 whatchamacallit. Signing off…-MM

Ace Boeman 2/16/2022 6:55am

Just accepted my first job. It’ll be hard handling all this dangerous cargo without a crew, but I guess it’s all part of the fun. I’ll be on the lookout for some crew on my travels. -Ace

Booth Randall - 2/15/2022 11:10pm

Job claimed by Ace Boeman 2022-02-16 06:55:52


People often stop and ask me "Booth, just what do you do with all that nasty old haunted upholstery you remove from restaurants and diners of the dead when installing your award-winning vinyl and naugahyde modern haunted upholstery?"

The answer is: We dump it! We hide it! We make sure nobody ever sees it again!

And that's where you come in, Zephyr Air Transport Delivery Person. With a ship.

We've got thirteen bushels of old haunted upholstery that needs removal from our workshop on Old Cemetery Road, Clatsop. We STRONGLY recommend a Grade 7 Artifactual Containment Chamber to store them in during transport. Grade 7 Artifactual Containment Chamber not included with shipment.

Where and how you decide to unload them is up to you -- but if these possessed and toxic waste products are ever traced back to Haunted Upholstery Plus, or is subsidiaries and sister companies, the captain will hereby face The Curse of the Haunted Kissing Booth for the rest of their years.

That is all. Don't be a stranger and drop on by today!