The Redmane

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Kendall Warren 6/16/2024 11:03pm

The fact that Macaron the Reindeer had suddenly gained the power of speech was alarming in itself.

"Tis truly The Land of Salty Silver Fruits!" Macaron continued, further injuring us with his hooves as he stood up. And he wasn't wrong. The Altar of the Rainbow at the Endeth of the World was nowhere to be seen. Our googles had been disheveled in the fall, but there seemed no need for them now. Gone was the mesmerizing prismatic spray, replaced with an idyllic landscape of mossy tundra and flowering trees, blossoms drifting softly in the air. Aurora still filled the sky above us, but there was no ice or snow to be seen.

"My people! Their scent dances upon the breeze! This way!"

Macaron galloped off down a path between the flowering trees.

And each of the trees bore silver fruit the size of plums or apricots.

Kendall Warren
Chief Reindeer Wrangler
Manchester College of Cryptozoology

Kendall Warren 2/25/2024 11:20pm


After tumbling through the sky, we found ourselves deposited on a bed of mossy tundra.


Captain @Ace Boeman, the navigator, myself, and our small team landed somewhat on top of one another, but miraculously no one was hurt. Until Macaron the Reindeer landed on top of us.


"Ooooooo!!!" said Macaron, looking around. "The Land of Salty Silver Fruits!"

Kendall Warren
Chief Reindeer Wrangler
Manchester College of Cryptozoology

Kendall Warren 10/28/2023 11:58pm

"The kidney!" I cried.

"OooooooOOOOOooooooOOOO!!!" bellowed the reindeer.

We were all floating in the air above the The Altar of the Rainbow at the Endeth of the World, apparently falling up, all of us flailing and struggling, trying to swim and kick to no avail.

"OooooooOOOOOooooooOOOO!!!" bellowed the reindeer again, just as helpless as the rest of us.

The navigator attempted to kick off, using my head as a backstop. This did give him enough force to push captain @Ace Boeman forward through the air, directly towards the Watoobian reindeer kidney, wrapped up like a burrito and floating gently away.

"Got it!" called the captian.

Meanwhile, the navigator's boot to my head had dislodged my prismatic goggles, and I had no choice to but to look directly at the mesmerizing rainbow frequencies that filled the air all around us. Now, the mesmerizing rainbow frequencies were smoothing out and taking broad shapes, like great curves or petals, guiding us...

"It's like a damn water slide!" called the captain as we all plunged into the abyss.

Kendall Warren
Chief Reindeer Wrangler
Manchester College of Cryptozoology

Jordan Turner 7/24/2023 10:35pm

"Uh... they're all... floating up?"

We were watching the landing party from the bridge. They were busy at the altar, and the reindeer started to bellow, and suddenly they just all started floating straight up. Into the empty space above the big rock we were parked on.

"Yeah, I see that. Captain left you in charge."

Avery was never much help in a tight spot.

We watched their relatively tiny bodies floating up, scrambling around in the air with their feet and hands like they were drowning. Even Macaron the reindeer. More bellowing, and everybody was yelling at each other. The scientist seemed to lose hold of the kidney, and it was floating around like a burrito.

"So, whatcha gonna do?" asked Avery.

I had no orders to do anything with the ship. And pulling anchor and flying closer seemed a bit rash.

"Oh wow, man, check it out." Avery had removed their prismatic goggles.

"Hey, we're really not supposed to do that."

"No! Seriously! Check it out!"

So, against my better judgment, I lifted up one side of my prismatic goggles. Just a peek.

"Oh my god." I think I said. "It's like... a giant flower... a lily.... made of rainbows..."

"And they're sliding right down into it," said Avery, cool as ever.

Kendall Warren 4/7/2023 11:51pm

The anchor held fast. On account of the magnetism. And the prismatic goggles held fast to my face. On account of how tight they were.

Warily, the landing party of The Redmane descended the rope ladders. A single reindeer -- Macaron -- was lowered down by winch to act as interpreter if necessary.

We trudged along the barren landscape towards the altar. According to the navigator (currently less drunk than usual), the entire floating island may once have been a giant meteorite. With our prismatic goggles in place, the whole scene was rather dreary, like plodding across the moon. It was terribly hard not to take a peek from under the prismatic goggles, but I had experienced first hand the irresistible pull of the mesmerizing rainbow effect.

Finally, we made it to the primitive construction at the center of it all. The Altar of the Rainbow at the Endeth of the World. I couldn't believe we were finally here.

"Captain, if you would." I said.

Captain @Ace Boeman lifted up the heavy reindeer kidney containment and transportation unit and placed it on the ancient stone altar. He keyed in the access code and it popped open with a hiss.

Ever so gently, the Captain removed the Watoobian reindeer kidney with his gloved hands, and placed it on the cheesecloth I'd laid out on the altar.

Ever so carefully, I wrapped the kidney in the cheesecloth. Like making a burrito.

Our reindeer began to ululate.

That is when things got especially strange.

Kendall Warren
Chief Reindeer Wrangler
Manchester College of Cryptozoology

Kendall Warren 1/1/2023 11:27pm

"Prismatic goggles are an ORDER!" captain @Ace Boeman barked at me.

It's not like I was refusing, but the rainbows were... mesmerizing. I didn't want to do anything to lessen their intensity...

"NOW!" the captain cried, leaping at my face.

As we crossed over the icy ledge of Symmes's Hole, the sky became rainbows. The air in front of me became rainbows. I moved my hand in front of my face and little rainbows swirled.

The entire universe was rainbows. Energy, vibrations, frequencies, light.... It all made so much sense. We were all just tubes of energy, watching the flow...

"Errrgh! Umph!" said the captain.

The captain must have put googles in place for me. No more rainbows. Before us was only a huge platform of rock, floating in space. With some kind of crude altar at the center.

"Bring us in," said the captain. "Heavy iron anchor, as near as you can place it."

The anchor landed with a clang.

Checking in,

Kendall Warren
Chief Reindeer Wrangler
Manchester College of Cryptozoology

Kendall Warren 10/8/2022 10:26pm

Snooping around the navigator's desk I found these notes scrawled on a yellow legal pad. The illustrations were quite beautiful which is why I have included the attached photo.



The circumference of which may be found one degree northward of latitude 82, where the explorer will find the edge of the icy circle, open some twelve or sixteen degrees (4000 to 6000 miles wide). The mid-plane space exudes such tremendous amounts of steam and airborne particles of moisture that the ensuing fog limits visibility to no more than the nose on one's face! Unless of course it is the nose of our fair Captain @Ace Boeman, which is quite large. In addition, navigational aids such as compass and enchanted herringbones will fail upon crossing this mass which extends as a mighty frozen waterfall as far as the eye can see in either direction.

At this point the explorer must follow the rainbows to the towering altar, which provides the only safe entry to the mid-plane space.


We continue to head north, I and spend my time keeping watch from the observation deck for rainbows, and mollifying the increasingly skittish reindeer.


Kendall Warren
Chief Reindeer Wrangler
Manchester College of Cryptozoology

Kendall Warren 7/26/2022 10:50pm

Our journey to the Altar of the Rainbow at the Endeth of the World has proceeded somewhat slowly, mostly on account of the (non-Watoobian) reindeer along for the mission insisting on finding their long lost cousins. As it is summer grazing season in the fertile regions below, the reindeer on board begin stomping and snorting until we let them out to run and gather information on their family trees. Captain @Ace Boeman has been very accommodating, perhaps because this means less reindeer dung and urine accumulating on the ship's decks.

The issue of the exact location of Altar of the Rainbow at the Endeth of the World (and the adjacent hole in the North where the water falls through, which we believe to be the entrance to "Land of Salty Silver Fruits") remains in question. This is because of the somewhat outdated sources we are working from, but also that the navigator of the Redmane appears to be drunken most of the time.


Kendall Warren
Chief Reindeer Wrangler
Manchester College of Cryptozoology

Kendall Warren 4/27/2022 11:36pm

Kendall Warren here, Chief Reindeer Wrangler at the Manchester College of Cryptozoology.

We've been expecting a delivery of a Watoobian reindeer kidney for one of our residents for some time, but we are sorry to say that Buttercream has now passed on to the Glorious Fields of Eflebum, which is of course the realm of the Watoobian afterlife, or "Land of Salty Silver Fruits" as it is also known in their native tongue.

However, it is said that a reindeer can return from those far fields, if "an 'rgan fair, did shape liketh an fusty bean, beest did present, wrapp'd in cheesecloth, at the Altar of the Rainbow at the Endeth of the W'rld, which is a big hole in the n'rth wh're the ocean falls through."

And so, Captain @Ace Boeman of The Redmane, if you have this kidney in tow, could we enlist you to take me and my Reindeer Wrangle Squad to the far north, and attempt this noble deed? If not, the Watoobian reindeer may be no more.


Kendall Warren
Chief Reindeer Wrangler
Manchester College of Cryptozoology

Ace Boeman 2/17/2022 8:00am

We finished dumping the haunted furniture in the Bermuda Triangle. Now we have to head to Jolly Ol’ England to some old kooks house. I don’t exactly know where to find the containment unit, but I’m sure the guy will have one. I caught MM drunk in the navigators chair so now he’s cleaning the latrine. I hope this job isn’t too confusing, I’ve never even heard of a Watoobian reindeer, I guess it’s cause they’re so rare. We’re approaching English airspace so I better get to the cockpit and take her down.
Signing off

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