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captxin 1/28/2024 11:28am

entry one - claimed a job. we’ll see.

Tu Satterfield - 12/28/2023 10:33pm

Job claimed by captxin 2024-01-28 11:28:39

Iced Novelties in the shapes of the Seven Celestial Presidents? SHOULDN'T THAT BE ILLEGAL??!!

Maybe, but they're the most popular iced novelties sold in stores today -- and we've got trouble keeping them on the shelves!

That's where YOU come in. Do you have:

A fast ship?
A healthy disrespect for superstitious nonsense?

Then stop by our frozen flagship factory on Desert Isle 12 and become part of our distribution chain today!

And remember -- there's NO SUCH THING as the Celesital President's Curse. We know, because we trapped it and sealed it away where it will never be unleashed. Again.