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starfilly 3/24/2024 5:09pm

when i woke up again the whole ship was buzzing. nik, rik, chik, humboldt and darlene were elbow and elbow and wing to wing with fred and zane the bee people on the crew and everybody was working together and we sure weren't acting like stowaways any more. chik said that captain @Biran had gotten up and painted the Razorcrest with big black and yellow stripes because we're traveling to bee country and he's happy to have all the crew he can get because there's disco disco light brite shows and bunch of honey we can bring back to @Honey Goodness back in industrial city and keep on running the circuit. it's a big relief not to have to hide away all the time and the boredom so i'm happy to be busy and an official member of the crew i wonder if i get paid time off.

starfilly 11/29/2023 11:56pm

ok maybe there is something true about what they say about extended exposure to disco disco brite my light photoimplosic meta trance definition processing equipment and oodles and oodles of bundles of honey bundles but my dreams have been getting pretty weird. part of it is we're on one of those extended runs where the crew's in stasis and nik, rik, chik, humboldt and darlene and I have the ship to ourselves but everybody needed sleep so we've all just been crashed out in the honey bundle wrappers sleeping for like i don't know weeks and i was getting restless and i don't know if i'm dreaming or awake and all I see inside my head is gentle silent secret snow -- with shifting walls of blinding light I'll have you know -- and who comes walking out through it but captain @Biran and i'm like "aren't you supposed to be asleep?" and he looks at me and pulls an album out from his pajamas and it says hymenoptera in really trippy font. so i woke up and went to the galley and made some toast. i hope nik, rik, chik, humboldt and darlene and even fred and zane wake up soon because i'm going crazy bored.

starfilly 8/22/2023 11:18pm

after the synchronous inversion festival on apoidea, we all needed a big chill. humboldt and darlene especially so, as their bodies needed a lot of rest after reverting from bee form, and fred and zane were almost completely depleted. funny thing about fred and zane is that even though they're crew, they're cool with us stowing away, and give us bee bumps when they run into us in the deep hold. they know we're down with the bee struggle so we're all on the same side. nik and rik and chik and i of course danced ourselves out for days, and even captain @Biran seems to have tied one on. looks like we're on another long transit, and the captain's in his quarters, likely hibernating; fred and zane crawled into their honeycombs; and the rest of us have made a comfy nest of honey bundle wrappers. i'm just going to enjoy the hum of the ship and darlene's gentle snoring and let my mind drift for as long as it likes...

starfilly 5/12/2023 11:30pm

so i totally found out what happened to humboldt and darlene. they got transported from the razorcrest to the synchronous inversion festival on apoidea from all the heavy heavy trancewaves! they're the queen and queen of the festival now. and it's super intense, cause you can't leave a synchronous inversion festival till it's through, and razorcrest crew members fred and zane are totally into it and the ship can't fly without them.

so you just know the last of our honey bundles went quick, and now everybody's starting to wind down. humboldt and darlene are almost totally reverted from bee form and ready to leave the royal hive. fred and zane are starting to come down too. so it's gonna be time soon to pack up the disco disco brite my lite full sensory sound and light system and head on down the circuit. can't wait to find out what's next.

starfilly 1/29/2023 10:16pm

nik and rik and chik and i hid behind bundles of honey bundles and watched the new crew unload the ship. i had never seen bee people before but that is what these new crew members are said nik and rik and chik. "they are big fans of the ritual trance circuit" said nik. "they are attracted to the ultra violet," said rik. "they are attracted to the buzz of the big machines," said chik. so we watched them unload the trance tech experience generators and photopsionic hyperimplosion amplifiers and disco brite lites off the ship when i asked "what show on the circuit is this?" and nik and rik and chik thought for a moment and then said all at once "it's the synchronous inversion festival on apoidea!" like it had suddenly just come to them. so we're gonna sneak off and hit the show. but i still don't know what happened to humboldt and darlene.

starfilly 10/30/2022 11:49pm

the ship's about to come out of its hibernation cycle, but humboldt and darlene aren't to be found. i've looked everywhere. doesn't make any sense, since i mean EVERYWHERE and they're nowhere to be found. i even checked the escape bilmpettes and none of them have gone missing. nik and rik and chik say they do this sometimes -- they get lost in the trance rhythms and just... go somewhere? i'll admit their little rave got pretty out there... seemed like there were strobe lights for about about a week straight at one point. but what if they're just passed out in some weird place and the crew finds them when hibernation ends? oh i don't feel good about this at all.

starfilly 8/10/2022 11:19pm

we made a stop on the upper upper northern corridor of the ritual trance circuit at the aperiodic implosion 999 festival. it was totally awesome, and i really synched with a group of fellow travellers -- nik, rik, chik, humboldt, and darlene. they've got their own trance warp dance experience and going to hit it big someday i just know it. so i made them some space between the bundles of honey bundles and they're hitching a ride to the next festival. it must be a long trip because it's one of those where the crew puts themselves into suspended animation so they don't have to sit through it, but that means that nik and rik and chik and humboldt and darlene can plug in all their equipment and we can use the disco brite lites and have a full on rave in the cargo bay and the crew will never be the wiser.

Biran 5/27/2022 8:45am

I left the Razorcrest for a few days, okay, weeks, and animals have gotten into the rations! Unbelievabe. I mean, sure. Maybe hiring a clone with ADHD for security wasn't my best idea, but it's still bad news. I'm going to do a sweep of the ship before my next job. If i'm lucky, maybe nothing else will have been damaged. Right after I put the clone on hauling duty.

starfilly 3/18/2022 11:24pm

so I stowed away on the razorcrest. you wouldn’t believe all the places to hide! anyway this is how I move up and down the ritual trance circuit corridors — by hitching rides and hiding out. hopefully the razorcrest will get back on the circuit soon, but in the meantime at least there’s a hold full of sweet honey bundles for me to eat on the way. oh shhhh do you hear that buzz? i think there’s somebody coming. quick! hide behind these honey bundle bundles!

Biran 3/10/2022 12:07pm

Op. #002

Captain's Log:
I've never liked bees. The feeling is mutual. They hate me too. I reluctantly accepted this job, but money is money. The second I arrive at the loading zone, I have to dodge between dancing bee people. After I got the shipment loaded up, I politely declined the offer to join the dance. I did hire two new crew members, Fred and Zane. I never thought I would like bees, but these guys are great! I might have made some new friends.

Signing off,
-Capt. Biran

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