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Luna R. W. 9/30/2020 12:26pm


I'm so happy to take this job I hope nothing blows up like last time!

Luna R. W. 9/29/2020 12:17pm


Today I'm taking Fairy Water to Portland, Organ my first delivery so Happy!


Vortex Foods INC. - 6/1/2020 10:03pm

Job claimed by Luna R. W. 2020-09-29 12:17:07

We have just bottled our latest batch of 'Fairy Water' from the Scottish Fairy Pools, and now we have approximately 50 crates with 100 bottles each in them. We need you to take the crates from our Bottling Plant in Leeds, and to our Shipping Plant in Portland, Oregon.

Please do not drink the water. We are not responsible for any effects that may be experienced through the consumption of Fairy Water.

I hope you can be as fast as possible...
Vortex Foods

Crimson Prism Ent. - 3/11/2020 9:25pm

Job claimed by Luna R. W. 2020-09-30 12:26:21

Greetings and Salutations!
We have recently introduced our new line of Ricochet BB Guns™, and we need somebody to transport them to our warehouses across Europe. We had to turn to you guys because, well, the last time we tried to transport our goods through mainstream air travel, The plane that our Four-Dimensional-Compasses™ were on so happened to crash due to the effects of such technology, and pretty much every major airline has banned our products. We can't fly our own aircraft because... well... none of us know anything about flying, and we are too laz- I mean busy to learn!

-Maxmillian Brown
CEO of Crimson Prism Entertainment
"A new dimension of play!"™