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Tina Marie 1/13/2024 11:44pm

"And, dear Sistern, will you bless my daughter Dinah's giants?"

"Well of course child. We can pass our blessings onto giants. Does she haver them with her?"

"Yes, They are harnessed. Under her coat."

"Oh those days of having to hide your giants in church are long gone, child. Call your daughter Dinah unto us."

"Dinah! Dinah come here!"

"Yes mother."

"Dinah show him your giants."

"Aw, mom. Really?"

"Yes, if you bring them to church then you might as well have them blessed. Open your coat."

"Uh, mom, I don't really..."

"Open your coat!"

"Well, see, they where itchy. And they couldn't get enough air..."

"Oh, dear child, you have loosed them on the church?"

"In the bathroom...."

"Attention, everyone. Please leave the church immediately and in an orderly fashion...."

Tina Marie 9/29/2023 11:06pm

"Oh Dinah your giants have made such a mess!"

"You said they should have their way. That it's their own little kingdom and they should do as they choose."

"Well not if it makes such a mess. There's sawdust EVERYWHERE."

"Aw, mom..."

"And you'll have to repair the ramparts yourself. We can't just keep buying new architecture."

"I've got an allowance."

"Put them to bed and then vacuum this up. Remember you've got Sisterning in the morning."

"I HATE Sisterning."

"You'll be confirmed like everyone else in the family. Now start cleaning this up so you can get to bed."

Mr. Ixnorthorb 6/26/2023 11:04pm

Dum dum dum

Tear down big doors

Dum dum dum

"Ixno! We tear down big doors"

"Yes Ter! Big doors down we tear!"

Dum Dum Dum

"Ixno! Friend!"

"Ter! Friend!"


Dum dum dum



"Ixno! Sacred Temple so big inside!"

"Ter! Or we so tiny!"

"Like tiny humans..."

"Humans? Ter, I have secret."

"Tell secret safe, Ixno."

"I have human in my ear."

"Ter too! Itchy!"

"Ha ha yes itchy!"

Dum dum dum

Giant temple

Dum dum dum

Giant temple

Billy Bantam 3/6/2023 11:54pm

"You're doing great, big guy, just keep following the crowd."

"Following the crowd, dum dum dum."

I'm perched out on the the big guy's tragus, taking a peek at the the herd as it shuffles forward. The great archways of the Great Temply lie dead ahead, and someone is already is already trying to shut the giant doors. Ha ha get it? "Giant doors?"

There's no way they're going to keep these big haulers locked out. They were bred to be the biggest and the strongest of all the giants, and now there's no stopping them. Not with us pulling the strings.


And that's just the footfalls. We haven't even made it to the doors yet.

Timothy Littles 12/3/2022 11:24pm

"Comrade Littles, 100% of our drivers are reporting, and we have full control of heavy lifters."

"Excellent, Comrade Wee. And the free-rangers?"

"Giants without drivers are following the herd."

"Alright, I want continuous eyes on them. If one steps out, we'll need to activate the nearest drivers to corral them in."

"Yes sir."

"Inform all drivers to begin to head into the city."

"Yes sir." CRRRRICK "Attention all drivers! This is Thumbelina Base. Proceed to Camp Big Boy. Repeat, proceed to Camp Big Boy. Over."

Billy Bantam 9/9/2022 11:54pm

It’s true, I’ve got a soft spot for the big lug.

He’s not evil. He’s actually quite sweet. He’s just a tool for the real authoritarians.

"That's enough there, big lad," I holler down his ear canal. "You can take off that big heavy rope now. Just lift it off and throw it on the ground."


"So don't that make you feel a whole lot better?"


"I said, don't that make you feel a whole lot better?"

"What you say?"

"I'm just askin':"


"Ok, big guy. That's plenty. Don't knock anything else over. I know it feels good, but we've got it all worked out. You just walk this way."

"Okie dokey, little pet. Walk this way, dum dum dum walk this way, dum dum dum..."

Mr. Ixnorthorb 6/29/2022 10:37pm

Dum dum dum

Walk this way

Dum dum dum

Walk this way

Dum dum dum

Walk this way

"If I could walk that way, I wouldn't be cooped up in some giant's ear!"

... Is that the little human in my ear?

"You win the prize, my friend. Now, if you just listen to me, I'll take you places, big guy. We'll go far!"

Oh goody. I always wanted a pet.

Dum dum dum

Walk this way

Dum dum dum

Walk this way

Tormnob Ixicot 4/1/2022 10:33pm

{what is going on? cut away! immediately! go to a commercial or--}

Well, uh, this behavior is certainly unprecedented, Slimp.

{Slimp looks truly fascinated. Uh oh, he doesn't realize what's happening}

Yes, Tormnob, it's fascinating! I've never see this kind of maneuvering before. Is it a special strategy of some sort?

{Slimp is not paying any attention to my body language. Or he'd know we need to sink this.}

I'm sure it's just a momentary pause on the field. Perhaps a time out. I think it'd be a good time to cut to station identification...

No, Tormnob, I think something is really happening here.

{Yes of course something is "happening here" you idiot. It's the revolution. And it IS being televised!}

Tormnob, it appears a number of the giants on the field have reversed course. But they're still pulling at their tow ropes. Is that a usual behavior?

Well Slimp, in some specific cases in the technical manual, such a maneuver would be called for...

Really Tormnob? I have the manual right here. Is it in the index?

We're going to need to take a break for, uh, technical reasons. Gayle? Can we cut the cameras now?


Cedric Small 1/24/2022 10:53pm

"Order! ORDER!" Bang bang bang goes my gavel.

"Order, you pesky louts! We will follow the rules of the Pilot's Union to settle this matter. Billy Bantam, you have the floor."

"Thank you comrade Small. Ahem. Since before our father's fathers, the Pilot Union has had the ear of the giants. Because we live in 'em!"

The crowd erupts in laughter.

"And we've kept the giants on track, doing the work, whispering words of encouragement and guidance as we can."


"But we've forgotten our stature. Our place of leadership! We've let these dumb lugs have all the power -- all the strength!"

The crowd murmurs in appreciation.

"Comrade Littles has a NEW plan. A NEW direction. It's time we put these giants to work for US!"

The crowd murmurs more loudly.

"I say it's time to show these giants who's boss!"

Everyone stands and cheers.

Slimp Bornornix 12/1/2021 10:31pm

And it's another beautiful day out here in Southwest Towfield with mild temperatures and a slight breeze out of the east with barely a cloud in sight as the giants take up their ropes and prepare for the Big Heave. Tormnob, can you describe to the viewers at home what exactly we're seeing here?

Sure Slimp. Here we have those mighty men -- truly giants among us --

That's certainly true, Tormnob

--these GIANTS among men who are the POWERHOUSE of our whole eco-nomblix, the every Orbnib Structure of the whole she-bang!

And how exactly do they do that, Tormnob?

Well, you can see that the miles and miles of fields out there are striped with wide ditches -- long strips of waterways, lined with concrete.

It's all quite "neat" isn't it Tormnob?

You bet it's neat, Slimp! And even neat-er are those gear teeth you'll see poking up just above the surface of each of those waterways, way on the far end. See that, Slimp?

I certainly do, Tormnob.

Well if you look closely, you'll see a sturdy rope tied to a mighty eyelet attached to each tooth.

A might eyelet, dear friends! Attached to each and every tooth.

That's right Slimp. Well, our giants come here each day to pick up that rope and puuuuuuuuuullll that gear tooth one more notch.

Just one more notch, dear friends!

But, as I think you're about to find out, it takes quite a bit of pulling from each and every giant to pull that gear tooth just one more notch.

And, here comes the starting giant. He's looking to his left, he's looking to his right.... it looks like he's just about to give the signal and... they're off!

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