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RoseLalonde - 12/11/2018 7:26pm


It has come to my attention that my ten crates of sheep's wool yarn must be shipped immediately. Please, if you can, ship my crates from Rainbow Falls in Adirondack State Park (New York) to the Psarian region of Alternia. If I am correct, start in the direction of the 61 Cygni and keep going straight for exactly 86690 decades and you'll reach Alternia.
If you are interested in this request, please send a carrier owl to Maple Valley, Washington. My friend John will take the message. He does not get often company so excuse him if he offers you samples of his baked goods (he is not that good at baking but please do not hurt his feelings, thank you).

Best Wishes,
Rose Lalonde


Lizzy Beatitudes - 12/11/2018 7:24pm

Good day, maties!

It would be of great gratitude and honor to anyone who would be able to ship five pounds (5 lbs.) of iguana tails to Port Nelson in Rum Cay. If I am not mistaken it is in the Bahamas, right along the Bermuda Triangle. I would need it shipped in the next 10 decades or so, but feel free to take your time! I hear the Bahamas will beautiful this season, at least in my timeline.

Kindest Regards,
Lizzy Beautitudes