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We specialize in deliverying items other firms aren't able to, due to danger, hyper-sensitivity, secrecy concerns, or fictional status. We're also ready and eager to go "off the map!" Trust us with family heirlooms, cursed and/or magical implements, esoteric commodities, and more.

Post your job here and one of our franchisee owner-operator fleet captains will respond as soon as they reach next port. Please specify:

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Roberto Shelton - 8/27/2018 10:12am

Spare parts for the Reality Generators in Faulkton, Henderson, Wuppertal, Miyazaki, Lyubertsy, Aastaurmond, Chauxhall, and Pastoria City. Because of the nature of these parts, the actual manifest of delivered items may vary through time, as will the existence of the cities themselves. Ship and Captain must be adept at navigating the edges and holes in maps. Please post resume to this site when claiming job. Our warehouse currently located in Flimsdale, Newark, Metherwaney, and Chide. c/o GEARS OF COGNATION LLC.


Little Daisy - 4/28/2018 11:48am

hi i am little daisy, master of fire roasts.

here i'll show you:

you're a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***then you say a terrible roast"***

i say, "NO! YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!"

see? i am master of fire roasts.

Anyway, I need two tons of Granny Munchkin Littlum's Cookies taken from the Granny Munchkin Littlum's Cookies factory and sent to FlOwEr POWER plaza in beautiful, downtown Oakland, California.

I will either help you create a fire roast or give you mucho dinero de monopolio ;))) hehehe


Prime Minister Price - 4/25/2018 9:07pm

Prime Minister, Rosie Price, of the Nentheenth dimension

Hello, I have never done this before, writing, I mean. I live in the Nentheenth dimension, which most mortals can't even dream of, much less visit. We don't typically indulge in mortal activities such as writing or reading or eating or breathing or existing. Like the younger generation of the Nentheenth dimension likes to say, "That is like so twenty dimenstions ago!"

But, in this specific situation, I am desperate enough to lower myself to this fickle and unstable communication form.
As the Prime Minister, I over see the entire dimension and go to parliamentary proceedings. It all very democratic and well mannered and idyllic.The problem is, I may or may not have accidentally taken a couple bribes in the form of galaxton kisses.
And well, several of the ministers are plotting to find out evidence of what bribes I may or may not have accepted and expose me to the entire dimension.

So, I have a small metal container that may or may not be filled with liquid information, evidence that I may or may not have taken galaxton kisses, as bribes. (I know what you are thinking, galaxton kisses, really? but you must know that galaxton kisses may or may not be very good in a lot my recipes from the homeland and sometimes a girl may or may not just want some comfort food, even if the main ingredient may or may not require harvesting of galaxton lips!!)

The box must be burnt in front of sage prince and recorded and subsequently snap chatted to me(@RosieNendsSudes0021) to prove its delivery. I am offering two ghost rivers, five Tide Pods in the limited edition flavor BLOOD OF YOUR DEEPEST ENEMY, two hundred zxlingots, and a bucket of Neenthucky Fried Chicken.

This request is urgent, please take it soon.