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Super Lee 5/1/2024 10:46pm

Yeah I started in the Airtillery. Feeding those slimey slugs into the shoot tubes all day long. Messy work. And sometimes they bite.

I don't know what it was that stood out about me, but I got plucked out of that hell hole and straight into MANTIS -- Minds Announcing Natural Tactical Intelligence Services. Which sounds pretty low key, right?

But once those "announcing minds" started up, you couldn't hear yourself think. You just had to do whatever they said. There was no fighting it. You just had to let it take over.

As a result, I don't remember half the war.

Bug Sinodendro 1/9/2024 11:30pm

Has it been three days already? MY how time flies when you're chronically exposed to aggressive metamorphic pheromones, turning you into mindless slaves of the She-Beast! That's what they call her, down here in the trenches, and with these new giant mandibles I've grown out of my face I'm great at digging trenches. Seems like She's preparing for some kind of, I dunno, military action or invasion or maybe just a visit from some distant cousins she doesn't like. Super Lee, my room mate, was assigned to the anti-airtillery, which seems like some kind of catapult for those ripe and squirmy eggs she's been pumping out for weeks. Anyway things are like a tinderbox here but that Queen sweat sure smells great once you get used to it. And boy does it make you strong! Did you know I can now lift 50 times my weight?

Canson 9/25/2023 6:56am

Still on track to be at your location in three days. Nothing of note has happened.

Canson 9/20/2023 4:04pm

Tank and nozzle attachment went off flawlessly. I am En-Route now to ACME.

Canson 9/18/2023 7:23am

Understood. I have already placed an order for 24,000 gallons of citrus-cedar antiperspirant from ACME Aerosols. I've got the tanks and sprayers rented from Zephyr Air Shipyards and they will be installed the day after tomorrow. I will then have a 2 day steam to the ACME factory, a day filling, and then it is looking like a 4 day haul to y'all, IF the solar winds are in my favor. If everything goes well, you can expect me in 10 days. If anything happens to change that time, I will let you know immediately. I will continue to keep you updated.



Bug Sinodendro 9/17/2023 10:45pm

Oh yes Captain Canson your timely response could not have come at a better, uh, time. And a misting of the Hive Mound sounds like an excellent idea--for the sake of both its human and insectoid inhabitants.

Hive Mound 255982 is roughly 700 acres, so... at about 20 gallons per acre that's 14,000 gallons. And include another 10,000 gallons for us to keep on hand and apply directly to the Queen over the winter.

The harder She's producing workers, the harder She sweats, which ends up knocking more workers out of commission so She gets nervous and starts sweating more. It's a vicious cycle. Even with the gas masks, the humans can only help so much. So that misting will sure help us along till we get Her sweats under control.

As for the specific scents--we know form experience it's best to stick with genderless scents. For instance, something with dominant citrus notes (like orange or grapefruit), and wam, mossy undertones (for instance cedar or patchouli). Anything too fruity or floral makes the place smell like a bathroom, or could trigger another mass mutiny by creating a pheromone imbalance in the warrior caste.

Thanks so much! Just give us a heads up before the misting starts and we can get all the windows opened up.

Canson 9/6/2023 9:05am

I am willing to accept this job, but due to the nature of the heavy stench, I think I will have to give the city a misting before coming in with the main cargo. You humans are sad with your small noses, but I can see why that would be a nice thing in some instances. Is there a specific scent that you would prefer? How many gallons do you need? Please get back to me soonest so I can know how many tanks I need and to get the tanks fitted to the ship.


JOB - Bug Sinodendro - 6/7/2023 11:17pm

Job claimed by Canson 2023-09-06 09:05:07


The Queen is out of antiperspirant again. What with the strikes playing havoc with an already erratic supply chain, we just don't have enough to douse her like she needs, and we're losing workers faster than we can replace them. On account of the smell.

We need a tanker ship just to get us through the next season, and a steady line on the juice on an ongoing basis after that. Top chits paid! Exchange value is no object. Our very way of life depends on this crucial elixir (chemical specifications attached) and we are ready and authorized to make a deal.

Make contact through olfactory ansible via pebble configuration 9B as per the attached diagram.

Henry Rodson 5/14/2023 9:38pm

Arrrrgh! That’s CAPTAIN Henry Rodson to you, you mindless Automatons of Oppression! I’ve thrown off the shackles of the educational system's indoctrination of thought commodification and struck out on my own. Well, me and few dozen other refugees from the Borderland Central School District, including Emma, Olivia, Emily, Mia, Noah, James, Jacob, Alex, Sophia, Alva, Liam, Cleo, Chloé, Abigail, Kerry, Ella, Oliver, Jayden, Madison, Mason, Amelia, Logan, Elijah, Aiden, Sophie, Caleb, and my first mate Isabella.

We've signed the Articles of Agreement, hijacked the ice cream barge Deleuze, and are setting off into the air to find our fortunes! Outside of your pitiful mind prison of capitalist hegemony.


Canson 5/10/2023 8:27am

Dear Guadalupe,

There seems to have been some mistake. I dropped Henry off at the dock he requested, although we were up for about 9 hours, so it was a little bit later than we had planned. If I remember correctly one of the engines had sputtered out around 7:50 hours and Henry said he had time to help us fix it before he had to go. This is all a bit fuzzy because I can’t seem to find the log sheet and was sick not only the week after Henry’s visit but also for the past month, with lupine flu. You humans are lucky that you can’t get it. Anyways, I will look through my files and get back to you tomorrow with any news. I swear that paper moves on its own. Anyways, I remember him asking to be dropped off on level 4. I assumed he just wanted to forestall his exit, as I could tell that he immensely enjoyed the life of an air sailor, so I obliged him, and we moored on either dock 8 or 18, I don’t recall, but if you need to know I can check with ZAC records. He jumped off with his pack and went anticlockwise around the docking ring. I was surprised by this, seeing as the fastest way to the lift was clockwise, but again I just assumed he was stalling and wanting to watch the ships come in. That was the last I saw of him. I would be happy to keep a lookout for him and do some digging around to see if anyone has seen him. Do you have any information on Henry that would be helpful in my search?

Thank you for your concern,


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