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Trix the Aviatrix 2/12/2018 8:56pm

Congratulations to all crew members on the completion of our first successful job completed as a team - and a warm welcome to our newest crew member Alex. Although they've been a bit mysterious as to their past and certain things like where they actually found a cursed Peruvian talisman, I'm sure they'll fit right in, and that whatever knowledge they disclose will be invaluable. On the subject of our first job though, I feel it was an unqualified success. Things were a bit tense at first, as the Mannequins appeared quite standoffish at first, but what do you know, the stick up Persi's butt was really useful. The rest of us had a rudimentary knowledge of the culture of the Mannequin people, but Persi understood them and their cold nature on what seemed to be a spiritual level. I'm not sure things would have run as smoothly without Persi's invaluable diplomatic skills, to be honest. The flight was smooth throughout, and fast as well. Systems were all nominal, and we had enough supplies for the whole flight plus our passengers.
Just like it should be, although we may have to stop over at Machu Picchu so I can get some more coffee for Persi. Although she didn't say anything about it, probably because of protocol regarding non-essential stopovers, I could tell she missed her coffee. Something about the spanner thrown at my head. Maybe this will get her to warm up to me a bit. In all seriousness, we probably should stop over somewhere between us and Machu Picchu. I know Alex says the ship isn't cursed but I keep having to manually readjust the navigation systems, and the thrusters keep dropping in power, so I just want to make sure everything is working fine. As the aviatrix, captain, and navigations officer on board, I have decided we will be docking at the Erdport: 70b within the next two days. In the meantime, any requests for creature comforts we will need to stock up on should be reported to me. I will either be in the cockpit, or checking out the thrusters with Persi.
Toodles, Captain Trix

Alex Marleybone 2/12/2018 8:31pm

I heard about Atlas's business of the Mannequin People before I recently joined, and I must say I'm impressed of the results. Those Mannequins may be stiff and angry, but they honestly are not as bad. During the archaeological expeditions I attended, giving contact to them was "intense" at first, but then things went rather diplomatic in the end. Who wouldn't feel atrocious standing around all day doing nothing?
But anyways, the ship is thankfully not cursed, and it is my duty to make sure that sort of nonsense doesn't occur (or in this case no end-of-the-world catastrophes). My knowledge on the ancient Peruvian talismans when retrieved from the client had a discomforting aura. To my knowledge and research the relics shall be preserved, with my methods, safely in the cargo hold and the crew can sleep safely during the trip to Machu Picchu. And once on our arrival the relics to their proper places, with some help included, and payment credited to everyone's aid. Until then, I appreciate your warm welcome, Melinda.

Melinda Mayfair 2/12/2018 7:58pm

I'll admit we were all a bit spooked after our encounter with the Mannequin People, but we were paid in full and made it out intact. Physically, at least. That doesn't mean this ship is cursed! Hopefully this new crew member is just what we need to change our luck, and that their nose for business will take us down a far less... disturbing road.

Alex Marleybone 2/12/2018 7:01pm

Captain Trix immediately assigned me to a job once realizing my credentials, and frankly the excitement for purpose aboard the Atlas never felt better. When hearing about the job it sounded small to me, but the idea of ancient Peruvian talismans having world-ending capabilities may have been otherwise to some others. When it comes to ancient artifacts, the first rule is to never separate them from their homelands (especially if they're the mystical kinds). And that may also get the locals rather upset, but they should forgive us once the talismans return to where they belong. Not sure how or why they were taken from Machu Picchu, but I'd rather not question it.

Anyways I digress. My job given by Suzerain has been reported to the Captain and will collect the shipment and travel to Peru posthaste-- my first job working for Atlas feels terrific indeed! Hopefully operating with crew members like Melinda and Persephone makes us true pals indeed.

Alex Marleybone 2/12/2018 6:24pm

This log will be a grand choice for my opportunity to work as a member aboard the MAC Atlas. I may be no engineer, but I have spent a long portion acknowledging myself to relics, ruins, and natives; for I am an archeologist. May not sound too fascinating for a wondrous zephyr crew like Atlas, but with paranormal cargo and mysterious destinations, someone with such knowledge may be useful. I look forward working with everyone.
-Alex Marleybone

suzerain - 2/5/2018 7:43pm

Job claimed by Alex Marleybone 2018-02-12 18:24:15

URGENT! I have a load of ancient talismans that need to go to Peru and up to Machu Picchu. They must be united with their homeland or the world will unravel and be destroyed! This must be done before the new month!

Melinda Mayfair 1/30/2018 9:31pm

Captain Trix asked me to pick a job, since she figures me to be savvy of the sky cargo business, and she's not wrong. First rule of thumb is not to bite off more than you can chew, so with the limited cargo space of the Atlas, small crew compliment, and a surprising lack of armaments, I chose a job that shouldn't give us too much trouble. The Mannequin people have a nasty reputation, but if you get over their somewhat empty stares and unusual lack of emotional affect, they're not really so bad. I've worked with one or two on ships and they're alright, if a little vain.

With the job accepted, I've relayed the details of Monique Ersatz' Ersatz Logs Inc. to the Captain and we'll be heading to pick up our first shipment--the first job ever for the Atlas! So long as Persephone's work on the Osmongatron holds up.

Monique Ersatz - 1/30/2018 8:53pm

Job claimed by Melinda Mayfair 2018-01-30 21:31:15

We have 8 pallets of artificial logs, to be delivered to the Mannequins of Belvedere--the shop dummy separatist community in the Plastic Forest.

Pick up from our factory in Orphony. Deliver directly to Handy's Hardware in Belvedere.

We know this is a small job, but require crew with utmost customer service, as the mannequins can be somewhat touchy and easy to anger. Therefore, we are offering usual rate +30%.

Respond to:

Monique Ersatz
Ersatz Logs Inc.
"The Fireplace of your Dreams"

Trix the Aviatrix 1/25/2018 9:00pm

Location: 104 105 032 109 101 108 105 110 100 097

The stopover at Makelo skyport was incredibly successful. Not only did I gain a skilled engineer in Persie, but also a master assistant - Mel. Persie, however skilled, does seem a bit standoffish, but whether this is because of just being uncomfortable around strangers, or just having a stick up her butt, time will tell. Mel is great, and seems the share the same drive that I have. A drive for greatness, a drive to adventure to see the world, to amaze the world with daring exploits, and to rise through the ranks of Zephyr Transportation and Maynards Aeronautical. One day, I shall be as legendary as Nate Parsons, and I just know my crew will be as well.. As I will never be able to take the title of youngest pilot or youngest captain from him, I will just have to settle for completing more frequent and more challenging jobs. What would be really spectacular though, would be if I were the one to find him, after all these years. Even Maynards has declared their golden boy to be dead, but i just know it isn't true. He, Julia, and the rest of the crew of the MAC Icarus are still alive, I can feel it.

Enough of that though. I have requested that my new Master Assistant select a job worthy of the ship, and as soon as we have picked up the cargo I shall update again.

Until then, this is Captain Trix signing off

Persephone Potts 1/25/2018 8:33pm

I fixed the osmotic regulator, but I'm quite sorry to say that it is by far the least urgent problem aboard that needs to be fixed. The most urgent is Captain Hawkes complete and utter lack of decorum. Her outlandish buoyancy grates on my nerves and it is near impossible to get any form of work done with her constant attempts at conversation. The captain has abandoned all protocol and determined to refer to me as Persie, which not only is highly unprofessional but also completely undermines any integrity I may have. We also have picked up a new crew member, Master Melinda Mayfair. Although young she, like myself, has experience aboard ships and should hopefully display some form of basic respect. I have been informed by the captain that we will soon be departing to pick up our first load of cargo shortly.

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