Zap Colonize Epilog

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Murk Toadingham 3/22/2024 11:45pm

"Well they can't be headed north," I says. "That'd take 'em right to Zigardel."

"That's what WetEggs seen. Buzzed right over the swamp headin north. Propellers a hummin', leaves a blowin'."

"WetEggs can't see that far. And WetEggs' brain is mush," I says.

"Ok not 'seen.' But WetEggs can hear real good."

"That's true, that's true," I says.

We both looked down at the mud.

"Zigardel ain't no place for tree fairies," I says.

"No it ain't, no it ain't."

We both looked up at the trees.

We both looked north.

"Well be best get goin' then," I says.

Willow and Birch 11/25/2023 11:57pm

Tara's song was coming through pure and clear on the Chomon crystal.



"Triangulate!" we say at the same time, doing our secret fist bump incantation.

"33 degrees north"

"67 degrees east"

"Distance.... distance... distance..."

Birch's eyes roll back in her head. She's always the one more likely to take it too far. Her fingers tremble on the planchette but it moves smoothly across the map before coming to a stop.

"Zigardel," we say at the same time, in horror.

Sister Elm 8/20/2023 11:58pm

Day 14, tracking Tara and the Shizen Baton.

The Reedy Way has provided few clues. Wisps of creature fur tangle with the air moss. Repulsive green folk emerge from the muck and taunt us.

Sisters Willow and Birch scan the etheric frequencies on their whatchamacallit. Meanwhile, the Zap Colonize Epilog continues across the endless cat tails, searching for the scent.

Teak 5/10/2023 11:13pm

The Zap Colonize Epilog is on the case!

We had a bit of the dreamies, passing through the Lake of Fogs
Ancient spirits of the wood bent our minds around the cogs
Of faerie thoughts
grown twisted and old
Dark thoughts of evil
and putrid mold

These kidnappers will not escape
The Zap Colonize Epilog!

Ulex 1/27/2023 8:29pm

Oh no! Sage's cousin -- Tara -- has been kidnapped! Along with her Shizen Baton!

Come back, Zap Colonize Epilog, and help us find her! Her beautiful song cannot be extinguished!

Tree-nt 10/28/2022 8:01am

I wood like to do this.

tata 10/24/2022 5:49am

This job has been accepted by tata.

Sage - 9/27/2022 10:32pm

Job claimed by tata 2022-10-24 05:49:55

Greetings, and good day to you. Some fairies have brought to my attention the sheer quality of Zephyr Air Transports. After hearing their delightful reviews, I knew there was no company better than Zephyr Air to transport my Shizen Baton. You see, I am a woodland fairy, that loves music, and I am gifting one of my batons to my cousin. This item cannot be within 5 feet of Kaen Crystal, as it will turn to searing ashes. If a purple flower starts to emerge from the vines circulating the wood, do not be alarmed! This is simply a Merodi flower, which blooms when it hears music. Salutations, and may the odds of life be ever in your favor.