Zephyr Air Transport's fleet of continuous merchant dirigibles is continually scouring the many earths, connecting outposts and communities far and wide. Jobs are picked up "on the fly" by ships in your area, and may pick up whatever additional work they're able to drum up on their own. Each ship in our fleet is owner-operated, working under the auspices and supplementary logistical infrastructdure of Zephyr Air Transport Inc.

If you're on a crew, feel free to post to your ship's logs at any time! Zephyr Air Transport believes strongly in transparency.


The Crystal Skull 5/18/2022 10:44pm

Guy Flay

FLAY'S ROAST POISON SNACKS So, uh...@Andrew. I'm sorry the shipment turned out like this. We really thought you were going to be "the one." You know? It's like, tell some somebody "No matter what you do, do NOT eat that apple!" and sure enough they do it. It's like they HAVE to. Maybe if we didn't tell people not to eat it then they wouldn't? But they ARE so salty and delicious. CAUTION: ZOMBIFICATION Anyway, as it's turned out like this, we do need to point...(READ MORE)

-.-. --- .-. .--. --- .-. .- - .. --- -. ... / -.. 5/16/2022 4:56am


yes...(READ MORE)

The Atlantic Sway 5/15/2022 11:04pm

Dr. Erwin Strand

Subject W114b** Breakthrough Intelligence Sequence Investigation  The aquatic mammal registered as @Northern Right Whale has consistently shown ULTRA MK level mastery of an increasingly sophisticated semiotic result chain and implementations. Graduation to operation Mama Goose has been approved.  The first airship specially scaled for large Earth whales has recently been completed. It is large enough to support a crew of 12 large Earth whales in its aquatic habitat. This “aquarium of...(READ MORE)

Matte Kudasai in a tragically Sad America 5/13/2022 1:04pm


’Ello Maytee! I think I moight be able to help ye with the job, provided I shall be provided with coinage. As you can see, me sweet lady ship goes all the wae from the New World to the easter asian islands, and Me just so happens to be stationed about lil ol Koloszvar. The eye contact thengye won’t pose a roblem, as I robbed meself of sight in order to look kool while rocking the double eye patches. Anywaes, If ye wanna contact me, ye shall send a pigeon up in the sky, with a message and...(READ MORE)

smiley's warehouse 5/13/2022 10:35am



S S Rosemary 5/12/2022 9:20am

Captain M Wood

Fellow Transporters! We at the S S Rosemary are officially taking our first job! We will be delivering black holes in canning jars for our client Chyppe Sol. Our port will be Tamkar-7 in Andromeda, which is a bit out of the way, so we understand if no-one wants to meet us there. Despite the assurances of the job posting, we will be spending a day black hole proofing our ship and ourselves, and we should be able to deliver in 2 earth days. SIgning off Capt M Wood...(READ MORE)

base 1 5/12/2022 8:05am


i just woken up and i dont know where i am. i appear to be in a base called base 1. there is a image saying smileys warehouse.i found a room with strange glowing boxes with wire going up to a glowing portal thing.i will see where the portal goes...(READ MORE)

Zeppelin Zoologica 5/10/2022 1:42pm


After a few months of not working, the communications system is back online. Thanks to the help of the honorable Lieutenant Denkt, the navigations system is online again as well. Without the much-needed help, I probably would have reentered the Bermuda Triangle and circled around in there for even longer than I already have. As for my log entry before my disappearance, my client in the redwood forests of California was quite a strange fellow. He stood about eight feet high, was covered head...(READ MORE)

Steampunk to hell 5/7/2022 11:43pm

Luz Dunkel

"BUT WHAT I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IS YOOOOOOOOOOOOO," hooted Anything Owl. "WHAT ARE YOOOOO DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? WHERE DO YOOOOOOO SEE YOURSELF IN SIX AND A HALF YEARS, FOUR MONTHS, AND THREE DAYS? WHY ARE YOOOOOOO OUT ALONE ON SUCH A MOONLIT NIGHT?" I really didn't know where to begin. "You stole my Impossibag," I said. "I was just out... riding my horse. He was chewing the gingerbread furniture in my dorm. We were letting off steam. I'm probably going to...(READ MORE)

Spatuloso 5/5/2022 11:05pm

Auto Slops

The open prairie gives a blimp room to think. That's what @Lasso Pout says and it's true. We've been heading for Paradise -- that's the name of the city where @Carolinaeuphrosyne's time capsule needs to go. And there's been nothing but sage brush and mesas as we've made our way towards it. Sometimes I look back the way we came and think of the Bluefins. A virtually indestructible airborne intelligent fighting force. The most powerful the world has ever seen. So many good blimps led astray....(READ MORE)

Moonbeam 5/3/2022 11:09pm

Spaz Skunk

City slowly replaces desert as we make our way towards the bay. Scattered tents and mud huts transform into subdivisions of sturdier structures; multilevel dwellings whitewashed and glowing in the evening sun, colorful fabrics hung out to dry. Then the city starts to rise. Tall towers, dirty and crumbling. New spires under construction here and there. The natives drape bright streamers from the buildings to catch the wind. Finally, ships abound, tied to docks and anchored at bay....(READ MORE)

Non Sum Qualis Eram 5/1/2022 11:29pm

Asphodel Meadows

Dear Captain, I am leaving this note pinned to the hatch of the Non Sum Qualis Eram in hopes that you and your crew will discover it upon returning from lunch. I find the canteen at this particular aerodrome to be exceptional, as you no doubt discovered if you ordered their speciality -- grilled cheese and tomato soup! Even if you are not a tomato soup fan I believe you will find it utterly irresistible. I frequently come to this particular aerodrome to judge the measure of the various sh...(READ MORE)

The Redmane 4/27/2022 11:36pm

Kendall Warren

Kendall Warren here, Chief Reindeer Wrangler at the Manchester College of Cryptozoology. We've been expecting a delivery of a Watoobian reindeer kidney for one of our residents for some time, but we are sorry to say that Buttercream has now passed on to the Glorious Fields of Eflebum, which is of course the realm of the Watoobian afterlife, or "Land of Salty Silver Fruits" as it is also known in their native tongue. However, it is said that a reindeer can return from those far fi...(READ MORE)

The Nimble Shroud 4/25/2022 10:44pm

Lt. Denkt

The Nimble Shroud arrived recently hear near the South Pole with our new navigation system. But the ship is empty! A GHOST SHIP! Otherwise, The Nimble Shroud appears in perfect working order -- just a layer of frost on the controls. But what of the crew? And her captain, Capt. @katelynn? I have been tasked with investigating while Capt. @weiss installs the navigation system onto the @Zeppelin Zoologica....(READ MORE)

USS Imperative 4/23/2022 11:56pm

Fritzi Zwicki

There’s not often call for ramjet engineers in the merchant airship service, but I’m glad to see my years of night school at Zephyr Tech finally paying off! Capt. @Grombletombus has some kind of fatcat in a suit on the bridge, and I just know we’re finally getting a gig and we’ll finally be able to test these engines out. I wonder where we might be headed?...(READ MORE)

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