Zephyr Air Transport's fleet of continuous merchant dirigibles is continually scouring the many earths, connecting outposts and communities far and wide. Jobs are picked up "on the fly" by ships in your area, and may pick up whatever additional work they're able to drum up on their own. Each ship in our fleet is owner-operated, working under the auspices and supplementary logistical infrastructdure of Zephyr Air Transport Inc.

If you're on a crew, feel free to post to your ship's logs at any time! Zephyr Air Transport believes strongly in transparency.


Thot Slayer 6/19/2019 8:41pm


Well, I can't say much about the castaways' manners, but I am a bit relieved to have their slimy handprints off all the mahogany and brass. As soon as we made sight of Port Nelson, it was plop plop plop as they walked straight out the main passenger doors and straight down into the ocean below. I guess they must be good swimmers! I'm afraid I didn't see any of them pop up for air though. I've gone ahead and docked the Thot Slayer, made sure the drooling, gibbering crew was locked away saf...(READ MORE)

Battle Bus 6/17/2019 9:22pm

Fritz Camembert

My inscrutable business partner has truly lost his mind. Under most conditions I would have alerted the Interzonal Police, and the Society of Ancient and Collectable Trading Cards, DMT, as well as everyone else in my formidable sky-rolodex, about such a heinous and insufferable act. But the @Pomme Contrebandier, as absurd and ridiculous as his mere existence can be, also has unique skills. And he is impulsive at times. He has taken the "Let us Secure this Bread" airship card an...(READ MORE)

Matte Kudasai 6/15/2019 8:42pm

Billy Sabab

Le Bullfrog was making the crew uneasy. "Sir. The passenger is making the crew uneasy." "What's the problem, Shipman Eva? I mean, I know he's kinda sweaty..." "He lurks. Sir." Shipman Eva had me there. "But hey! Destiny City! You always wanted to go, right? They've got great museums...." "Sir, could we request that the passenger remain confined to his quarters?" Shipman Eva was putting me in a kind of bind. Le Bullfrog agreed...(READ MORE)

Araceli 6/13/2019 10:43pm

Jimmy Three-hands

"Well," I said, "It all started when I was just a little tri-pod, tricycling around the Tri-cities. At every three-way intersection, there was the great big face of the Three-way God, with his three great big green eyes, his three enormous ears, his three button noses, and his three forked tongues, slipping out between this three long, white fangs. The Three-way God's face hovered over each intersection, directing the three-wheelers to stop and to go. "STOP!" he roare...(READ MORE)

The Mephitis 6/11/2019 10:14pm

Captain Pirate II

"I don't always drink Kahlua in my coffee, but when I do, it's in the morning." CUT! TAKE 42* "Being an airship captain means both being alert AND inebriated at the oddest hours." CUT! TAKE 54* "Drunk and jittery? Welcome to my life!" CUT! LET'S TAKE FIVE EVERYBODY!* *translated from the Japanese This sounded like some easy publicity, plus a bit of bounty on the side for the Captain. Oh, I would have thrown a party for the crew with most of it....(READ MORE)

Eyes Without A Face 6/9/2019 10:45pm

Grace Gearhorn

The aurorae are always something a Floodspace sailor sees from a distance. Or at least they should be. Those that have gone in close have never come back, on account of the Drain. We're all caught up in it, all the Island Worlds and Island Suns, slowly, ever so slowly, making our way in a grand slow dance around the Drain. The eggheads say it takes a thousand years to go around it just one time. Plenty of time to enjoy life, create civilizations, go about your business. And now we're head...(READ MORE)

ol' big balloon 6/7/2019 10:25pm

Gladys Pompon

Oh my, don’t those look delicious! They’re like little orange pumpkins, aren’t they? And all packed neatly in their little egg carton rows. Are they from Asia? No? May I take one? I just want to plop one right into my mouth, they look so soft and tasty. Ooooooh I bet they taste like candy corn, don’t they. Please, I must have one. Give one to me. Give it to me now....(READ MORE)

Egregore 6/5/2019 8:54pm

Rose Nomenclature

Grade 7 Artifactual Containment and Control is great against sinister and uncanny forces, but not necessarily waterproof. Or even water resistant. So it was really the worst time to be blindsided by a typhoonette while skimming the waters of Skrizoom, trying to shoot the needle. On a clear day at low tide, clearing the arches is child's play. Plush, it shaves hours off the long way around. But somewhere between the gale-force winds shattering the windscreen, the torrential downpour that came...(READ MORE)

Spatuloso 6/3/2019 10:19pm

Soap Lotus

It just goes to show that if you just put your mind to it and work hard, anybody can be the kingpin of a criminal empire. Sure, this criminal empire only encompasses one, coconut palm filled island. But what better an empire than paradise? Paradise for myself, Leroy, Burt, Scarred Lil, Jimmy the Put Up, Little Gnarls, and PJ that is. Poor Evenander the Psychic didn't make it. Never saw it coming, I'm afraid. Which may speak more to Evenander's shortcomings more than anything else. But n...(READ MORE)

Microwave Explosion 6/1/2019 11:43pm

Curious Curios Inc.

Through the crack left open in the Chinese Lightning Box, I can see and hear just enough to see that the clone crew has accepted the delivery to the Magician's Union Hall in Poughkeepsie. They're actually better than the original crew, seamlessly working together to a common purpose. Why don't we have more clone crews? I don't understand the laws against them, given their obvious efficiency. At this rate. we'll be at the Magician's Union Hall in no time....(READ MORE)

Golden Stone 5/30/2019 9:17pm

Donald R. Stephenson

White gold wielder, fissure crack healer, precious metal pot dealer, golden treasure mender... Sometimes you've abused your gold and haven't kept it cold, and it lands in our hold looking crusty and old. Who's a gonna fix it? Who's a gonna kiss that gold and make it better? That's right, it's me, Dr. Donald R. Stephenson, gold metal whisperer and icy lip kisser. My breath warms the cracks just enough to smudge, and I let my fingers do the rest. I'll massage your gold the whole night through, and...(READ MORE)

The Flying Comrade 5/28/2019 10:50pm

Ben Tater

The giant guinea pigs have purchased a chunk of VR rackspace, dankweb addresses, redundant air-gapped power sources, and some surplus reality generator equipment from the Psychic School District. It's easier for them to make appointments and video calls from inside the interface, since translation and avatar creation comes with the system, so they've had no problem turning their pet-store mined cryptocurrency into a legion of bankers, network hardware sales techs, and international logistics fir...(READ MORE)

Albion 5/26/2019 11:08pm

Magnus Arquebus

Airshipmechanic apprentice @Eve is certainly a genius when it comes to hydraulics, and she certainly deserves all the attention she's been getting as the hero of Oak Cliff, the one who liberated the town from the giant White Crab spiders. But her map reading skills could use some work! And how exactly she was able to confuse imitation maple syrup with artisanal foaming soap is hard to imagine. Still, her accidental solution to the spider problem exceeded the expectations of this captain, as...(READ MORE)

The Useless Precaution 5/24/2019 10:34pm

Count Almaviva

E così è stato che la nostra ricerca era completa. Non c'erano chef in questo più vecchio forno per la cottura dei biscotti, solo quegli esseri sensibili che provenivano da esso, gli uomini di pan di zenzero. Perché una volta imparata la loro provenienza e il loro punto di vista, era impossibile negarli. Abbiamo capito i loro nuclei umidi e gommosi. Sebbene fossero cotti da soli, sapevamo che non c'erano altri più vicini al vero fuoco della creazione. Il loro pane si è fatto carne. E la...(READ MORE)

The Sadie Hawkins 5/22/2019 10:36pm

Billy Nails

First time sorting interdimensional mail, kid? Yeah I can tell. It's less about trying to figure out what all these scribbles mean and more about just a feeling. Like that one. Hold it in your hand, close your eyes, and take a breath. Is it near or far? If it's far, though it over there. If it's near, drop it right in front of you. Now, how near? Nearer than the last one? Just trust your gut. The thing is, we've got Lilix's mail from that Psychic High School, and now we've got an increasing amou...(READ MORE)

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