Zephyr Air Transport's fleet of continuous merchant dirigibles is continually scouring the many earths, connecting outposts and communities far and wide. Jobs are picked up "on the fly" by ships in your area, and may pick up whatever additional work they're able to drum up on their own. Each ship in our fleet is owner-operated, working under the auspices and supplementary logistical infrastructdure of Zephyr Air Transport Inc.

If you're on a crew, feel free to post to your ship's logs at any time! Zephyr Air Transport believes strongly in transparency.


Araceli 12/12/2019 10:13pm

Jimmy Three-hands

"Now as you know," said the Traveling Ant, "Traveling Ants are rare." "You might find us traveling alone, or in pairs, but you won't find too many. But let me tell you there are a LOT of ants. Ants in tunnels. Ants in tunnels in mounds. Ants in tunnels underground! Ants in tunnels in trees and rocks and clouds and in the very fabric of the dimensions. A lot of people might tell you about worm holes, but it's ants who really have the place tunneled out. Like...(READ MORE)

The Mephitis 12/10/2019 9:26pm

choco loni

zing! zing! my tuning fork bullets whip around the ship, gaining speed. ting! ting! the baby thunderdevil has gotten mighty big. swallow an airship big. but we're hoping-- zing! that on the inside-- ting! it's still the little pup it used to be-- zing! ting! TONG! the tuning fork bullets converge roughly 400 meters off the port bow and start to resonate. the thunderdevil pauses, and lifts its whirlwind snout out of the dusty earth below and gropes its way through t...(READ MORE)

Eyes Without A Face 12/8/2019 10:26pm

Aeon Lore

“Oh Mare Tenebrarum, Mare Tenebrarum, Wie treu sind deine Blätter!” The Mare Tenebrarum was so magnificent she had her own anthem. I was there the day she was christened, accepting the accolades on her behalf as captain. She was to be the flagship of the finest cruise line ever to sail the Murksea.  She was the first, but destined to be the last. ...(READ MORE)

ol' big balloon 12/6/2019 12:24am

Arnold Nougat

Raised in a factory vat with my kin, we were taught not to speak up, not to differentiate ourselves. We were all "just" nougat. Ours wasn't to question the path we were given in life, but to take the jobs we were given and await our fate. Sure, life was sweet, and we were always taken care of, precious nougat that we were. Then we realized our power--that we were the life's blood, the glue that held this world together. It was within us to be the change we wanted to see in the worl...(READ MORE)

Egregore 12/3/2019 9:28pm

Rose Nomenclature

It isn't every day you get to witness the rebirth of a species. "The Traits, Features, Characteristics, Peculiarities, Mannerisms, Qualities, and Attributes of the Hymergian Man-Fungus" isn't just some curious piece of lost esoterica. It describes the life cycle of a biological entity. The Hymergian Man-Fungus once lived under water, millions of years ago. Through time, it emerged on land, and took on various forms, ultimately something vaguely human, yet sweaty and frog-like, with...(READ MORE)

The Rapture 12/1/2019 10:43am


The Rapture left the continent of North America from Patrick’s AFB from Brevard County, Florida, USA, on Sunday, December 1st, 2019 at 1:27 PM EST. At 1:30 PM, several miles off shore, The Rapture activated an experimental device created by Terrazian Futuristics, called “THE WORLD,” causing Earth to appear to slow to almost a complete stop. In reality, The Rapture is going at extreme speeds. The Rapture exited “THE WORLD” at 1:32 PM EST off the coast of Guinea. The airship continued...(READ MORE)

Moonbeam 11/29/2019 11:16pm

Harry Otter

Time disruption erupting all around us, @Captain Jack Fenris! The WonderFly9000 is the source--we're under a barrage from some kind of temporal weapon. We're starting to slip... And we're being hailed! Someone identifying themselves as @HRH Chons sends their regards?  The message reads "Welcome to eternity..." Oh no here comes a swell... brace for it... Aaaaiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!...(READ MORE)

Matte Kudasai 11/26/2019 7:53pm

Billy Sabab

"Why does the window keep fogging up?" "Because you have your face pressed against it," Shipman Eva said. "Back up." Our tiny submersible was floating just outside an ancient, barnacled coliseum, filled with fish people. We were just peeking over the top, and down below we could see the massive, no-longer-fossilized fish resting in the middle of the grand arena. "Hububbblehububble! Hububblehubbublehubbublehubble! Hububble!" And old fishman--pe...(READ MORE)

Battle Bus 11/19/2019 9:20pm

Fritz Camembert

The extent of the damage in Destiny City has definitely been under reported in the press. No doubt the city has been working hard to protect its reputation as museum capital of the galaxy, as well as its tourist and convention economy. A path as wide as a city block has been cut from the former site of the Unnatural History Museum to the bay--roughly a half mile of destruction. The rest of the city, however, was unscathed in this mysterious catastrophe. Eye-witness reports range from sea mons...(READ MORE)

Spatuloso 11/17/2019 1:56pm

Lasso Pout

The time travelin’ bean bandits continue to eat our beans, which is already puttin’ a pinch on our supplies. We’ve given them every chance to leave but it’s obvious they can’t take care of themselves and aren't interested in getting' away. They don’t know cattle, they don’t know how to ride, and they act like they’ve never seen a blimp like me before. “Yes, we were all born in a nursery. @Auto Slops, @Soap Lotus, all my brother and sister blimps. What? Did you think the stor...(READ MORE)

Microwave Explosion 11/14/2019 10:01pm

Melvin Splitsturd

Something in me says I'm the 117th Melvin... and the only one left. But I might as well be the original, wot? Same memories, same me. When it was all of us, it was easy to just go with the flow... but then we flowed right out the doors of the Microwave Explosion and landed hard on the ground outside the Poughkeepsie Field. Well, some of us landed harder than others. The ground was pretty pulverized with Melvins when I landed, and our warm soft goo broke my fall. Poor me. There wasn't a clean...(READ MORE)

Golden Stone 11/12/2019 7:22pm

Number Two

Boy I wish @Rosalina (Rosie) weren't so busy piloting the ship, so I wouldn't have to make a gosh darn decision like this on my own! I'm Number Two, second in command, which means I usually don't have to do much 'cept repeat orders! Twice! But when a customer is causin' a ruckus, disturbin' the peace on the Golden Stone, we've got to get back to chilllax, stat! We've got to keep things cool, and when a hothead like @Auric Bomburst starts burnin' the place up, somebody's got to keep things frosty...(READ MORE)

WonderFly9000 11/10/2019 6:31pm

HRH Chons

I am The Ineffable The hidden The Brilliant scion (whose motion is whirring) I scattered the dark mist that lay before my eyes and, flapping my wings, whirled about, and through this world brought the pure light of the moon. I am the First-born king (of absent father, absent mother) And I bear the menat necklace and the crook and fail. Traveller. Embracer. Pathfinder. Defender. Our Chronos Cannons are trained upon @Captain Jack Fenris. What a shame such a f...(READ MORE)

The Flying Comrade 11/8/2019 9:48pm

Ben Tater

We buried Chuckles at sea the next morning. We would have preferred to return to land, but we're currently weeks from home and had no way to preserve his giant guinea pig body. There was a storage locker big enough for him though, which we tipped out of the open cargo hold and watched splash and sink into the water below. Scruffy paces the deck. Skies are clear. The water calm. "WEEEEEEK WEEEEK WEEEEEK?" asks Ruth. Scruffy doesn't respond. Apparently he still hasn't set a head...(READ MORE)

Dragon's Tooth 11/6/2019 10:36pm

Clammy Hamsphere

Oh. My. God. You won't believe what I ran into flipping through the 7,218,198 channels on my new TV. It's a new season of Mermaid Imperium! I had no idea they were still making that show. It's on some kind of public access channel, apparently run by international students who attend an "invisible art college." They keep talking about their school during the commercials and about how they can't tell us where it is. My new TV gets more than just 7,218,198 channels. I also get ove...(READ MORE)

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