The Sadie Hawkins

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Armando Lupiz 5/10/2020 9:20pm

And it comes down to the moment.

@Billy Nails and the kid take up their places at the Rainbow Zone. They were chosen because they came closest to @Starry Skye's description of the "star tramps," and she's dressed them appropriately, Chillingly, the clothes where exactly what the Sadie Hawkins had on hand. She's also been working on choreographing their fight.

The skies are even more purple and green than usual, here at SN1987A in the Tarantula Nebula. Maybe I'm just more nostalgic, or never took the time to really enjoy it, or maybe it's just the time of day.

"Hey, Cap'n! It's showtime."

Guess I better start paying attention.

Captain Armando Lupiz
(The Sky Wolf)
onboard the continuous merchant dirigible Sadie Hawkins

Billy Nails 4/2/2020 10:23pm

Nobody likes a shivery old ninny poop, kid. Least of all ol’@Billy Nails. But I just couldn’t let my trepidations keep to themselves with this tinkerin in time business! Of course the captain did tell us what he was doing, and gave us all a chance to jump ship before we went through the gate. But you know how these things are, a buncha grown airship crew members, all gung ho and oorah oorah, ready for adventure, and whatever might come their way. But I just gotta confide in somebody, kid, and when you start visiting your own tracks in time somethin's bound to go sideways, I tell 'ya. It's been creepy enough, sneakin' round Uranographia, seein' all the news from two years ago, just knowin' there's another us out there, gettin' ready for some well-deserved shore leave. Ain't these people ever heard of the butterfly effect? It's a complex enough system as it is without runnin' haywire inside of it, I'll tell you.

Starry Skye 2/25/2020 9:38pm

The captain tracked Hettie and I down near the circular falls of Entmoor. We'd been through the hoop a number of times, and were both thoroughly doused and tired. The Sadie Hawkins was a sight for sore eyes, really.

It wasn't till after I got Hettie bedded down in the cargo hold that the captain told me his plans. And showed me the little box. And the map drawn out by the old toothless hag. It had drool stains.

"Deeeeleeever eeet. Deeeeleeeever Hetteeeeeeee."

Yes the old toothless hag was there too.

We're headed for a gate, or a place in this dimension where the fabric of reality can be bent. Where the old toothless hag can bend it and deliver us to the Tarantula Nebula. To the Uranographia Fields.

And in our case, the Uranographia Fields of almost two years ago.

The old toothless hag says we've got Hettie's original chrysalis, and it's up to us to make sure it gets delivered to The Sadie Hawkins.

The Sadie Hawkins of almost two years ago.

Seems simple enough. I've done it once already, haven't I?

Armando Lupiz 1/21/2020 10:08pm

The Toothless Old Hag has invited me to her tent. It's a bunch of fabric and poles sticking out behind a floating boulder. It seems to be on our way everywhere we go.

"Mrrrrrawhgh! Mrrrwawawrawa?"

More of her wretched earthy tea. Ugh.

"Garwwwuemawawawaru. Bwawwawamargu."

She's certainly been a lot more calm since we've been marooned in this dimension. Quite happy here, actually.

"Mwanheny dataykee daflaflaiverfuffy. Verfuffy!"

She presents me a small box. It's familiar, but probably in the way all small gift boxes are.

"Guhooney. Malarfafarfarafa!"

I open the box, and there, buried in cotton...

"Deeeeleeever eeeeeet! U! Deeeeeeeleeeeever!!!

A chrysalis. A plasma moth chrysalis.

"U deeeeeeleeeeever Hetteeeeeeee."

Captain Armando Lupiz
(The Sky Wolf)
onboard the continuous merchant dirigible Sadie Hawkins

billy nails 12/16/2019 10:11pm

This is the life, ain't it, kid? I'll admit ol' @Billy Nails enjoyed the notion of the C in the C.O.D. mail run, but not when it turned out to be some kind of trap! There wasn't a better moment for that toothless hag to hijack the Sadie Hawkins into this peaceful, purple dimension. Can't quite say I've ever seen gravity work this way, what with the floating islands, inverse rainbows, and the like. Waterfalls seem to fall forever, and the starlight is bright enough to read by. And I'll admit that this old airshipman's eyes teared up watching Sparkleshine meet its kin folk. I've never seen a swarm of giant plasma moths frolic and play in the thermals before, and let me tell you you may not see a sight more tender for quite some time! And the strange folk who inhabit this land are so generous, loading the ship with food and fine goods every time we make a mail stop. These folk value their communications, and it seems their options for delivery are slim in these parts, relying instead on a thin network of clotheslines strung from floating island to floating rock, through which they operate a simple pulley system to take a bucketful of mail one at a time across the chasms. Why haven't these people mastered flight? Makes ol' @Billy Nails want to stop and think for a bit...

Starry Skye 10/30/2019 8:01pm

I've never seen Hettie so frisky and alive. Her swoops, her dives... I've never seen the chitin of her wings so strong and healthy, and the hairy scales that make up her coat are extra bouncy and resilient. Especially when I scratch her behind her antennae.

There's no doubt it's the... dimension that the old toothless hag has brought us to. She gave up the bridge as soon as she brought us here, and hasn't shown any more interest in directing our course. The Captain has no real idea where we are. So we keep safe distance from the fantastic outcroppings of landscape and slowly explore.

Hettie flits busily between the waterfalls, rainbows, and twisted knots of floating stone and trees, picking up and dropping off the envelopes with the great curly silver writing on them by the bucketful. And we make our rounds without needing to Pweeet the purple plasma bursts. No need to rip through the skein of space to deliver the mail: we're already here.

Armando Lupiz 9/21/2019 11:58pm

"Please, old toothless hag. I'd really prefer not to break down this beautiful antique mahogany door!"

The hag continued to cackle, locked inside the bridge. Perhaps we should have been keeping a closer watch on her.

"If you're concerned about the mail delivery, I'm sure that we can work something out. We're happy to take a whole basket off your mail out right now! Luna and @Starry Skye are ready at the bomb bay doors, and even @Billy Nails agrees. He WANTS us to stop the pen pal deliveries. We're happy to take your silver letters again. Just open the door and let us back to the wheel."

The Sadie Hawkins took a hard turn larboard, followed by a flash of purple, sparkly light and my stomach rising up through my chest as we took an impossible free-fall, spiral drop.

"Gaaaaahaaaahaaackaha!!!! Gaaaahaahaaahaahaa!" cackles the toothless hag through the door.

Captain Armando Lupiz
(The Sky Wolf)
onboard the continuous merchant dirigible Sadie Hawkins

Billy Nails 8/20/2019 10:50pm

Have you started to sense the pattern, kid? Where all these Psyhigh penpal mails are landing? No? Well, you'll get a feel for stellar cartography as you go, but take a look at my wall. Yes, it's ok if you move the curtain, kid. There. You can see I've pinned the location of every address we've dropped one of the Lilx letters off at, and then I connected them with golden yarn. Yes, it is a bit like string art. But that just helps point out how the distribution is *too* regular. Now, a random distribution of penpals would tend to bunch up, in accordance with population density. You'd have some clusters here and there, and a lot of space between them. But here, every node is equidistant from their surrounding nodes, and, because of the yarn, you're able to see they're all at 45 degree angles from each other. And if you extend the yarn? Through the center? Yes? See what I'm talking about? That's right--you can predict where our next bunch of letters is bound to be delivered--right up there in the NW quadrant. And once we connect the last of those dots in real space, it closes the whole ring up like a big tiara.

Somethin's fishy here kid. That's all I'm sayin.

Starry Skye 7/20/2019 11:50am

Since we’ve begun letting Hettie smell the mail, our destinations have taken on a more familiar flavor. Rickety painted ladies on craggy outcroppings under a full moon. Mid-century moderns in desserts. Rooftops of aging apartment buildings in limitless cities.

Our transactions have become more mundane as well. @Billy Nails has lent me a messenger’s cap to avoid confounding stares as recipients open their doors to this ex-cat burglar airship waif and her giant Fire Breathing Plasma Moth. “Special delivery!” I say in my sweetest sing-song voice. Our delivery fees are starting to add up.

The only one who’s grumpy is the old toothless hag. She searches through my bag for new silver envelopes then hisses and spits when she finds nothing new.

There’s a mean look in her eye, but I feel sorry for her.

“Hrrrrrrroooom?” Hettie agrees.

Armando Lupiz 6/21/2019 10:45pm

We've discovered that letting Luna, the giant space moth, sniff the mail allows her to jump to that specific destination. This makes mail delivery far more efficient.

Old @Billy Nails insists on prioritizing our mail from @Lilx, ahead of the additional mail that @Starry Skye brought back, and the toothless hag drools over. The rest of the crew agrees, given that it's paid work, and they're all here to send their young ones off to school on some better world.

Luna doesn't so much as smell the mail as she caresses it. Her feathery feelers come down and roll the silver envelopes around. She gives it tiny tastes and kisses with her lips and proboscis.


And she's off again, with a puff of ozone.

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