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8/8/2020 10:43pm

Hail to thee, O Milky Way!

Who manifests thyself over our airship, the Mighty Wonderfly9000, and comes to give life to the stars!

Mysterious is thy issuing forth your nutritious cream from the darkness, on this day whereon it is celebrated!

Watering the orchards created by Re with your unpasteurized moo juice, to cause all the mummified cats to live, you give our desiccated bodies to drink, inexhaustible one!

Your creamy path that descends from the sky, loving the bread of Seb and the first-fruits of Nepera, You cause the workshops of Ptah, the ship builder to prosper!

And you cause these cats to purr.

4/10/2020 9:29pm

Homage to thee, O @HRH Chons,
lord of eternity,
thou who hast many names, but commands but one airship, the @WonderFly9000,
whose forms of flying into sky and through space are holy,
whose attributes are hidden in the great hangars,
In the Hall of Records,
In the city of Memphis,
and of Sun Ra.

Lo what is this upon the horizon?
Is it your Sister Ship, The Double, who is most venerated?
Is it merely a commercial transport? A tug?
Nay! Nay! -- We cats sing like horses --
It is the Milk Ship that we see!
Her pearly white reflects your own light in this eternal darkness.

Oh let us fly, dear master,
lord of our yarn balls and our toys,
Let us lap upon its delicious cargo!
Such cats as we,
dried, and wrapped in linen,
seek sustenance from this mighty Cow
drifting through the night!

May we not draw close to her, oh lord,
and sup?

12/26/2019 10:12pm

The great @HRH Chons maketh his way over the road of Ament
in the holy boat,
and he passeth in it over this road
which is without water,
without being towed along.

He maketh his way by means of the words of power of Mut,
and by means of the words of power,
and of the mighty Chronos Cannons,
passeth the Moonbeam and its @Captain Jack Fenris
to the chaos
of the seas of time.

*Whosoever shall make [a copy of] these [pictures] according to the similitudes which are in writing in the Hidden Palace of the Internet, they shall act as magical protectors for him that maketh them in heaven and in earth. Whosoever knoweth this shall be in the Boat of the Wonderfly9000, both in heaven and upon earth; but he that hath no knowledge of this representation shall not know how to drive back NEHA-HRA (i.e., Stinking-Face), and invite Cease and Desist and More from the WonderFly9000 legal team.


10/3/2019 9:56pm

Sister @Pakhet! A ship appears! As silver as a moonlight beam!

Does it hide a scorpion's sting? Or a serpent's strike?

We are hailed by its @Captain Jack Fenris

But our transformation is not yet complete.

Father Ra's deadly rays still shed their half-life into space

And mother Mut is still with child.

Do we claw? Do we rip?

Or do we slink away

into the night?