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9/17/2020 11:46pm

Are you sustained, my faithful ones?
Has the Milk of the Mother reinstated you
and encouraged the supple development of your shiny coats?
Has the Holy Biotin made strong your claws?
Have your eyes finally grown back?

Then cast your ancient linens good bye,
unroll the ribbons of your former lives,
and be cats alive once more!

5/18/2020 10:55pm

Yes, @Mafdet!

It is my mother the Great Wild Cow,
long of plumes,
bright of head-cloth,
pendulous of breasts,
who has lifted me up to the sky in this mighty airship,
not having left me on Earth,
among the gods who have power.

Let us pull up to her,
peaceful in her milky way,
that thou, my loyal crew,
shall drink your fill before moving on.

1/29/2020 9:36pm

I have heard the words of the airships of Imhotep and Hordjedef,

Whose sayings are recited in whole in the book of transport.

What of their air boats?

Their envelopes have crumbled,

Their ballonets are gone,

Their nose cones missing,

As though they had never been!

No gas nor radio signal comes from there,

To tell of their needs,

To calm our hearts,

Until the WonderFly9000 goes where they have gone!

Hence rejoice in your heart!

Forgetfulness profits us,

Follow my heart as long as you live!

Put myrrh on your head,

Dress in fine linen,

Anoint yourself with oils fit for a god,

Heap up your joys,

Board our ship with us as we travel the stars.

Let your heart not sink --

Join now! Submit crew applications to lead HR manager @Pakhet, c/o the WonderFly9000

11/10/2019 6:31pm

I am

The Ineffable

The hidden

The Brilliant scion

(whose motion is whirring)

I scattered the dark mist that lay before my eyes and, flapping my wings, whirled about,

and through this world brought the pure light of the moon.

I am the First-born king

(of absent father, absent mother)

And I bear the menat necklace and the crook and fail.

Traveller. Embracer. Pathfinder. Defender.

Our Chronos Cannons are trained upon @Captain Jack Fenris.

What a shame such a fine ship bears my name.

"Enlighten them, @Mafdet."