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Dragon's Tooth
11/2/2019 6:38pm

Location: The Fault
Destination: The Rockwell Facility
Current Weather: Clear

It's been nearly two years since the fateful day I signed on to return the treacherous heirlooms to the Mermaid Kingdom. It's been just barely less than a year since Gra'thul and his demonic horde of lava creatures were destroyed in a last desperate stand.

The loss of the entire Sea Krait Republic had its downsides, naturally, but to be fair they were kind of reclusive and never really had a big impact on the global economy in the first place. In the year since the war, I've been working to restore trade routes and negotiate alliances throughout the different kingdoms. It turns out that having a monstrous cthonian common enemy is quite an efficient tool in the pursuit of unity.

In regards to the heirlooms that started this whole mess, I sure don't have them with me anymore. Presumably, they've been returned to the mermaid kingdom by this point, and my original client is free from his curse. My original logs were lost during a pirate raid when attempting to navigate through the Turtle Clan's territory, and so much has happened since then that I just don't know.

In any case, I've set the ship's course for the Rockwell Facility at the South Pole. I've been commissioned to transport some proprietary tech to an unidentified buyer near the outskirts of the New Mermaid Imperium. Very mysterious, but I suppose I'll find out more once I arrive.

Signing off for now,
Captain Slyr

Dragon's Tooth
8/30/2018 10:38pm

I've set out on a quest to obtain a sanctified sword. The main problem I'm facing is that there aren't exactly any detailed instructions on how to get one. However, I found a tome in the Imperial library talking about how there was some kind of undersea archmage who claimed to know the secrets of making a sanctified sword. His name was written in arcane mermaid runes, which when spoken in the ancient dead mermaid language of }~{ sound like "KcH~H/rIcc|SB[NzZ'v[QQz," so to keep things simple I'm going to call him Steve. Steve supposedly lives at one of those thermal vents at the bottom of the ocean, in the center of an undersea trench that cuts through the Sea Krait Republic. I've heard the Sea Kraits aren't particularly friendly to visitors, so we'll try to keep out of their way. I've got enough on my plate dealing with Gra'thul at the moment.

In regards to what Gra'thul's doing, he's on land just offshore. He dug a temporary burrow into the ground down to the mantle, where he's absorbing heat in preparation for his next attack on the Mermaid Capital. Our scientists predict he'll have gathered enough energy to be hotter than the surface of the sun in about two weeks. Last time, we stopped the raging monstrosity by retreating into deeper, colder water, which cooled down Gra'thul enough to force him to go back on land to warm up. He won't make the same mistake again, so we have to be ready.

Dragon's Tooth
7/28/2018 10:03pm

The emissary to the Cephalopod Country came back. He says that the Cephalopods have chosen to not support us for fear of drawing Gra'thul's attention to them. It's hard to say whether they made a good decision at this point.
I did some research on how to slay the ancient gods, and apparently if you find someone "pure of heart" to wield some kind of "sanctified sword" they can kill the ancient gods pretty easily. All sanctified swords of the past have long been lost or destroyed, BUT it's possible to make more. That just leaves finding someone pure of heart, and I guess that's just someone without heart diseases and that seems easy enough to find.

Dragon's Tooth
7/28/2018 9:51pm

Well, it seems that my adventure to the pole has had some ill effects. Mainly, that fact that we dug so deep we dug into the fiery realm of the ancient god Gra'thul, and he is rallying his horrific armies to kill us all. I gotta say, this is really not how I expected the mission to go, but what can you do? We're gonna need a lot more power on our side if we wanna come out on top, so I sent an emissary to the Cephalopod Country to see if they'd support us in our war against the Old One.

Dragon's Tooth
7/6/2018 8:00pm

At long last, I have returned to the Mermaid Imperium after my voyage with Sir Edmund Rockwell to the polar regions. There, I collected a vast store of highly volatile Neodydaxitirinium for use in the armament of my troops. I'm on the outskirts of the city now, and it appears much has changed in the months of my absence. I'll have to observe from a distance and analyze the situation.

Dragon's Tooth
4/20/2018 4:47pm

Th Shark Tribe's siege of the Mermaid Capital has proven effective. By cutting off the Mermaid's supply lines of food from the Squidfolk's Kelp Farms in the 6th Sea, they've begun to slowly run out of supplies. I don't want to wait for that eventuality though, since who knows how much food they've got stored up. The conflict could last much longer than anyone here wants it to. The problem is, taking out the Mermaids in one fell swoop is easier said than done. The last couple of full-frontal attacks, even with the might of the Shark Tribe rallying with me, weren't enough to overwhelm the Imperium. I've been conferring with Munch and the Shark Tribe's top generals, Megan Lodon, Ghratwhi Teshrac, Tigresh Hark, and Heade "The Hammer" Sorck, and we've got a plan in the works to sneak into the city using old smuggling tunnels. We'll see how viable this strategy is, but we're all on high defensive mode. Rumors that the Mermaids are gearing up for a counterassault have been spreading. I guess we'll have to wait and see if The Imperium Strikes Back.

Dragon's Tooth
3/27/2018 10:19pm

I landed at the Shark Tribe's capital roughly a week ago. It's hard to tell time when you're so deep underwater, the sun barely reaches these murky depths. Negotiations were tough at first, but after I told them I was at war with the mermaid tribe things almost immediately turned around. From what I've been able to glean, they've always suspected that the Mermaid Imperium was behind the waterspout that caused the death of their beloved queen Tierella. The Shark Tribe turned out to be far more technologically advanced than I had expected them to be, having mastered many forms of swift water transport. With the Shark Tribe on my side, I'll finally be able to launch a decisive blow against the Mermaid Imperium!

I've been talking with Munch XV, the current king of the Shark Tribe, and we've come up with a plan of attack. I won't risk recording the details here until after we launch our attack, but let me just say this new strategy gives me some much-needed hope. The Dragon's Tooth is fully repaired from the previous battles, and it's even been retrofitted with a pair of waterjet engines to help it glide through and under the waves with ease.

I must say, things are looking up.

P.S.: In clarification of my last entry, J.U.G.G.E.R.N.A.U.T. stands for Joint Utilitarian General Gunship Eradicator of the Regional Naval Alliance of the Underwater Territories, obviously. It's a Naval Alliance because technically the Mermaid Imperium is formed of mermaid fiefdoms and city-states that have allied themselves into a singular Imperium under the rule of "Aeotherum Sateqo the Magnificent", their emperor.

Dragon's Tooth
3/14/2018 8:20pm

A mermaid J.U.G.G.E.R.N.A.U.T. is on the horizon, so I have to record quickly. The mermaids launched a sneak attack in the middle of the night when we had paused to make repairs. It appears we were wrong about their restriction to water, for burst came out of the water riding Arjahexian Flying Squids, and latched themselves onto the engines of my airship! They dropped some blinking crystal orbs down the afterburner shaft before I could do anything, and then dove straight back under the waves! A few seconds later, the engines stopped responding, and when I went to see what was wrong with them, they were filled up to the brim with thousands upon thousands of sardines. We only just finished cleaning out the engines and suffice it to say the sharks will feast tonight. Speaking of sharks, I think that to get an edge over the mermaid imperium, I should try to enlist the Shark Tribe in my battle. The Shark Tribe is a warrior clan, so if I can get them on my side I bet I'll be able to rout the mermaids. The Mermaid Imperium is more technologically advanced than the Shark Tribe, but hopefully, the Shark Tribe's raw power and ferocity will be up to the challenge.

Dragon's Tooth
3/11/2018 7:07pm

We've lost our port turbines to a missile that sneaked through our defenses. I must say that this war with the mermaids has dragged on for much longer than I thought it would, and my hopes of winning the war are decreasing every day. Without some major, ahem, turning of tides, I'm afraid the mermaids will end up victorious...

Dragon's Tooth
3/9/2018 6:08pm

It appears the DMDs short-circuited once placed into the water. While a major flaw in the design, I'm rather relieved we didn't end up going through with the plan. Still, we're going to have to find another way to achieve victory, and without our weapons of water destruction, it will certainly come at a higher price.

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