Stratospheric Aerodrome Renoire

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Zephyr Ambulance LTD 1/18/2022 11:08pm

"... and with the rest of the planet peaceful, they're calling it a wrap. Going to send us through the curtain again to provide care and healing to some new unsuspecting barbarians..."

The Doctor tends to get a bit maudlin when we drink. Doctors and nurses aren't supposed to fraternize like this. Well, not openly. But when your commanding officer opens up the bottle at his desk, you're better off rolling with it.

"But there's still known resistance in the Idris Range. They brought down the Renoire!"

"As you've clearly stated, we don't know that. It could have been some freak atmospheric event. They mentioned cloudwaves..."

"They also mentioned small arms fire, and being under attack."

"You've confirmed there's no sign of them. Using our best technology."

"It just doesn't seem wise to leave it unsolved. What if there's something going on?"

"There will be an occupying force. And they can call the fleet back through the curtain whenever they need it. But Division Surgeon Stumpkin says it's time to move on to the next campaign. I hear they give the Division Surgeons quotas to fill. The one with the most planets under their scrubs wins their own therapeutic fiefdom."

I've finished my drink and don't want any more. I set it on the Doctor's desk.

"We leave at dawn," he says.

Zephyr Ambulance LTD 11/25/2021 10:40pm

"But how could an entire stratospheric aerodrome just disappear?"

"I assure you we have been quite thorough in our search, Doctor. Even at full power, it couldn't have outdistanced the perimeter of our search. And there's no sign of wreckage on the continent below within a similar radius."

"What if the wreckage had been camouflaged? Or crashed and dismantled before your arrival?"

"The techs have been over the plates multiple times. The land below is largely a pristine boreal forest, and there is no evidence of impact anywhere."

There's an empty hiss on the radio.

"Alright, Nurse En. If you're out of leads, we can use you back at HQ. Expect details by condor in the morning."

"Yes sir."

Zephyr Ambulance LTD 10/5/2021 10:25pm

Late Domsday, Peripheral Calendar

Arrived at the last known coordinates of the Stratospheric Aerodrome Renoire. No aerodrome in sight.

Visual reconnaissance of the surface could not confirm wreckage, but low altitude observation was contraindicated due to potential local hostiles. Photographic plates were taken with the M-95 Aerial Eye and are enroute to Zephyr HQ via homing condor for further analysis.

Executing search pattern SPIRAL-V12 until new orders received.

Zasha C. En
Lead Attack Nurse
Emergency Response Unit
Zephyr Ambulance LTD

Harkback Union 8/22/2021 8:27am

Journal of Harbormaster L. Sky

1st entry

Massive cloudwave shook the station last night. Damage to helium condensers C, F, and O. Crew losses minimal. Previous harbormaster missing in action. Now assuming command of the station. Derigible bay off-limits to all visitors until further notice.

Losing altitude due to leaks caused by small arms fire on continent below.

Letter sent to company headquarters requesting funds for repairs.

Harbormaster L. Sky