The Death Balloon

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Reeve of Clubs 11/13/2020 12:24pm

The Death Balloon has arrived at the ship 04. Everyone is dead. The sender of the signal, @Okira, is missing.

Steve of Clubs 11/13/2020 11:06am

I have received a distress signal from the ship @04 . Clearly it was meant to be encoded to Zephyr Police, but it reached me instead. Something must be done. I quickly acquire a ship. I call her the Death Balloon II. I hope that the original will be returned soon. For now, I have someone at the tavern who will wait for her.

Steve of Clubs 11/13/2020 8:40am

My Bearachute has landed in the Spaceship Tavern/port of Sandwich Land. The people here are welcoming, and I easily acquire room and board. I have managed to recruit a new First Mate, a girl by the name of Sage the Rockstar. I eagerly wait for a captain at Zephyr Air Transport to take up my offer, find my ship, and bring it to me so that I may complete my mission.

Steve of Clubs 11/13/2020 8:08am

EMERGENCY ENTRY! The Death Balloon has encountered a Raindeer Storm piloted by the Ghost of Santa Claws! The storm rages around us! The ship is barely above the clouds and diving fast! I run to the helm and grab the Hyperbolic Wheel, but it is too late! The raindeer have punctured an orca-shaped hole in the deck! My First Mate, Vermilion Death Bear #43, is mauled by Santa's Claws! I climb the rigging, carrying my trust Occum Razor, but the high winds blow it from my hands! It falls to the earth, cutting through weirdness as it tumbles. We are lost! The Death Balloon shudders, her ironwood groaning. I leap from the rigging and activate my Bearachute, plummeting away from the burning wreckage of my trusty ship. I weep at the thought of her destruction upon her maiden voyage. I make sure to chart her fall path with my Meddling Derpdoctor, so that I can salvage her remains later. Captain Steve of Clubs, signing off.

Steve of Clubs 11/13/2020 7:58am

It is the first day of my newly built ship, the Death Balloon. No one has joined my crew yet, but I have managed to recruit some Vermilion Death Bears. Unfortunately, Death Bears are not very intelligent. Three of them have already walked off the side of the ship and fallen to their doom. I am on a pickup mission to the Western Dragonlands. Upon arrival, I am to carry forty-three dragon lilies to the Pit of Wicker Baskets, where they will be delivered to an undisclosed client who I am to recognize by their fifty-foot beard made of sugarcane. Captain Steve of Clubs, signing off.