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Kiwi 11/4/2020 6:40am

I'm a new ship member... I came just today i was told to right down everything that happens, and stay warned there's a killer on this ship...

Iridia 11/4/2020 6:34am

Alright, we'll take the job. Currently delivering 120 barrels of Breaker Charms, just tell us where we need to bring it.

Iridia 11/4/2020 6:16am

We got a new crewmember today. I told her what happened last night.

Anser Branta Chen - 11/3/2020 10:27pm

Job claimed by Iridia 2020-11-04 06:34:36


Everybody wants their geese to come in first place in the big race, and Breaker Charms is the number one choice for finishing grease for the biggest races.

Our choice grease is pumped in Finland, home of the slipperiest geese, Thanks to the super polymer stability of this Finish finishing grease, it stays home so you don't have to!

We've got 120 barrels full of Breaker Charms Finishing Grease for distribution all up and down the Goose Race Circuit.
Inquiries @ Breaker Charms Warehouse #158, Ghansville.

Orika 11/3/2020 9:11pm

We're all going to bed, hopefully we can get news on who killed Aki tomorrow.

Iridia 11/3/2020 9:06pm

They're pulling a full blown autopsy on Aki. Hopefully they can identify the drug and the killer. She really didn't deserve this, she was my best friend. At least she's in a better place now.

Kinoshii 11/3/2020 9:02pm

Just a fun little game of amnestic roulette! Aki seems to have lost this first round, oops!

Sebidis 11/3/2020 9:00pm

I was asleep for 2 hours, I get rudely woken up by Abideki, so I walk into the cockpit and the police are doing a full blown investigation over Aki's corpse! They say that she was given a lethal drug, possibly in the amnestics everyone was given? But, even so, why Aki?

Abideki 11/3/2020 8:54pm

It wasn't even a lethal drug, just one that would impair her so I could pilot for a bit! They found that the deadly drug wasn't even in her tea! It has to be someone.

Kinoshii 11/3/2020 8:51pm

I guess I'm the pilot now. At least, until we can find a more full time pilot. Abideki's been begging and threatening for this position. I'm almost ready to give her the same stuff that I gave Aki, and everyone would think it's a suicide.

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